Another golf course suffers ‘the worst vandalism we’ve seen’

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 30, 2019 08:23

Vandals have ‘walked a considerable distance’ to dig up greens at Willingdon Golf Club in Sussex in what has been described as an ‘extreme’ and ‘premeditated’ attack.

According to the Eastbourne Herald, course manager Luke Turner described it as the “worst vandalism” he’d experienced in his decade at the club, and says it could take until spring to fully repair the damage.

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He said: “We put in a lot of work and time and effort into creating excellent surfaces and some person decides to come along and vandalise and create damage.

“This is about the most severe I’ve seen in 10 to 11 years. It’s very extreme and premeditated.”

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He said someone had cut a hole in a fence and taken a spade or shovel and dug up large areas of three greens, at about four to five square metres wide.

“They have come equipped to do it,” he said. “They have walked a considerable distance, almost a kilometre.

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“It took about 25 hours to get the surfaces repaired enough to play on again. To get it back to the required high standard it will take most of the winter and into the spring.”

So far it has cost around £1,500 to repair the damage, and has put teams behind schedule, reports the paper.

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He added: “It affects our visitors and members that come to play here. We work so the greens are in fantastic condition all year round. The amount of work that goes into repairing mindless vandalism.”

A post on social media has received a lot of support from the public, he said.

It said: “It really is difficult to understand some people. This morning we have been greeted by the worst vandalism I’ve experienced.

“Sorry for the disruption to the regular course… it is going to take time to fix this.”

The attack comes just days after Prestwich Golf Club suffered a similar attack.

Update: Baildon Golf Club has also suffered an attack to its course.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 30, 2019 08:23
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  1. Peter October 24, 18:02

    Like everyone else, we hate to see vandalism of any type, anywhere ! Destructive, demoralizing and expensive ! In our experiences, vandalism is often the result of having “few friends”, clubs and memberships that aren’t players in their primary communities. Often “upper crust” clubs whose members come from “elsewhere”, often throughout the country and have little connection to locals ! In the past, we would see vandalism at clubs where corporate memberships were popular and interest groups were sending messages. In some communities there is no reason, just teenagers with nothing to do ! In almost all instances, when clubs and memberships, engage, participate and connect with those in their primary markets, the problem disappears !

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