Vandals tear up greens at Scottish golf club just before it reopened

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 30, 2020 12:37

Yobs have torn up several greens at a Scottish golf course just before it reopened after more than two months of lockdown, and an English venue says it is offering a reward as its course has also been vandalised.

Lanarkshire venue Shotts Golf Club has revealed that yobs on motocross and quad bikes caused more than £1,000 worth of damage.

Both greens and tee areas were left scarred and scored, with motor oil spilled on it.

Club captain Brian Harvie said: “We think the same guys were on the course a couple of weeks ago but didn’t do much damage.

“It was between 3pm and 4pm [on the Sunday – with the course due to reopen the following Friday] they took the bikes on, vandalised four or five of the greens and some of the tees.

“If it was the fairways then it wouldn’t have been as bad.

“We have two greenkeepers working but it’s difficult to police. It will take about three or four weeks to repair properly.

“A few weeks ago we had a family up having a picnic and the kids were playing with the sand in a bunker, but they didn’t do any damage.

“We went eight or nine weeks with the course not being used without any vandalism so it’s really disappointing.

“The clubhouse is a great focal point for the Shotts community and has a great reputation. It’s well known for its food, its Sunday lunches and value for money.

“Everybody knows everybody in Shotts, it’s a great wee club and a friendly wee golf course. The sign on the way in says ‘The Friendly Club’, that’s how it’s known.

“We kept the green staff working during the last three months and didn’t furlough them, to keep the course in good repair so when we do get back to playing it was in good condition.”

Greenkeeper Graham Watt said: “It’s a big job to repair it but I’ve been working away on it. One of the greens also has oil on it. I’ll need to keep an eye on it over the next few days to see how it goes.”

Henbury Golf Club. Image from Twitter

At the same time, Henbury Golf Club in Bristol posted on social media about damage to its golf course.

‘After the joy of getting back on the course we awoke this morning to this, our 9th green,’ the club wrote.

‘So sad and depressing after the positive community spirit engendered during the full lockdown. A reward is being offered for info leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible.’

Other English venues were targeted by vandals before they reopened earlier in May as well.  


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 30, 2020 12:37
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  1. Nimrod June 5, 11:41

    In our course here in the Philippines, vandals went inside and destroyed part of the green taking some sod, which we believe was going to be replanted at the lawn of a nearby residence.

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  2. Lallydo June 1, 00:38

    I don’t think it vandals looks like someone is getting a new lawn

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  3. Graeme B May 31, 19:00

    Disgraceful I hope who ever did this gets caught.

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    • DeeGee June 1, 04:48

      The brain dead people who did this should be caught and made to pay for the full restoration costs and shamed and fined in court. These louts are scum.

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  4. Kev O May 31, 17:34

    Verminous scum mindless morons

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  5. Williy May 31, 16:41

    If they catch them tie them down and use them as tees

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  6. Jo C May 31, 12:52

    Omg that’s horrific. We all know how much love and hard work goes into a golf course so that’s heartbreaking. Idiots

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  7. Golfer May 31, 10:35

    Knowing the amount work that goes into getting these courses like it. It is horrible to see when people do things like this. No respect what so ever.

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  8. Stuart M May 31, 08:15

    cannot think of a more appropriate word than , ” brainless “

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  9. Eric D May 31, 07:13

    So terrible! What on earth might be the point of this?

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  10. David R May 31, 06:05

    Looks like it was professionally done just taking the grass layer off.

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  11. Brian May 31, 02:11

    Unbelievable they need to catch these people but that’s unlikely

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  12. Kristen May 30, 21:57

    Shocking. I dont want to “share”… don’t need anyone else getting this idea.

    Reply to this comment
    • Vol June 1, 10:16

      It’s a malaise that the country is suffering from, it is also a clue to why the UK has had the worst coronavirus figures in Europe.
      We need old fashioned respect for authority but until we have proper “coppers” and proper government to support them, this country ain’t got a prayer.

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