‘We’re thinking of keeping the two-ball format’

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 30, 2020 07:12

A Durham golf club has said it is considering permanently keeping the two-ball format as the pace of play is so fast, as it has also showcased the gratitude a young girl has to the greenkeepers for their work during the lockdown.

A spokesman said ‘everyone loves a three hour game of golf’.

In addition, as a result of the course maintenance they carried out at South Moor Golf Club, Erin Carnall has been able to play golf again, which has made a “little girl so happy”, writes her stepfather.

The club has also introduced a membership offer to some key workers, and is considering permanently keeping the two-ball format because the increased pace of play is proving to be so popular.

‘Dear South Moor greenkeepers,’ the correspondence begins.

South Moor Golf Club

‘My step daughter would like to say a huge thankyou to you all for the amazing work you’ve put in during these strange times we find ourselves in at this moment.

‘The course is in absolutely amazing condition and she’s been around at least three times a week since it’s reopened after lockdown. It’s been such a release for her, trying to get back to some normality.

‘Can I as well just say thank you for making our little girl so happy, she loves playing golf and was itching to get back out on the course during lockdown. She was over the moon that first round back, although a little rusty, which was expected, but how well the course is looking made it 100 times better for her.

‘Thanks guys and keep up the brilliant work.’

Former captain of the club, Guy Carr, added: “We have also introduced a membership offer for armed forces, first responders and the NHS, with 41 new members in 14 days, suffice to say, everyone is delighted.

“And the 10 minute two-ball format is something we are thinking about keeping – everyone loves a three hour game of golf!”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 30, 2020 07:12
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  1. Austin May 31, 12:54

    Why do we not consider 2balls or foursomes 8-10am then 2/3 balls 10-12 pm & then Fourballs there after . This would make the pace of play so much better .

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