‘We’ve cut plastic bottles by 120,000 per year’

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick July 12, 2020 07:32

Lumine Golf Club has an ambition to be the most sustainable golf course in Spain. Here we detail what the venue is doing to bring that about.

Even the disruption caused by the pandemic has not halted Lumine Golf Club’s pursuance of its strategic objective to create a more sustainable venue.

The resort is putting measures in place to better protect the environment, support animal infrastructure and apply new measures contributing their efforts to halt climate change.

Located in a unique setting, Lumine is positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Costa Daurada, a native forest area renowned for historic landmarks and hiking. Equipped with three golf courses and multiple restaurants, the resort is certified by a group of environmental agencies, including Golf Environment Organisation (GEO), Audubon International Gold Signature Sanctuary, Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

The club, which includes two Greg Norman-designed courses and is located 100km south of Barcelona, has established itself as one of the most important wetlands in Catalonia, playing host to some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the country – including protected species such as the Spanish tooth carp (fish), European and Leper Galapagos (turtle) and the purple gallinule (bird).

Already GEO certified, Lumine Golf Club operates an impressive water recycling system. Not only does this feed into the local waste management water treatment plant, utilising 100 per cent of the natural water collected from unused water flow from the towns of Vila-Seca, La Pineda and Salou, it also is repurposed around the resort.

This is made possible by a state of the art desalination plant that cleans the refuse water for use on the courses, rather than emptying it straight back into the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, this practice has already been used as an example by both the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and ISEAL Alliance in recent reports on global sustainability.

Since early 2019, all Lumine Golf Club decisions have started with an ‘eco-first’ strategy, especially for any purchases or adjustments to the golf course. All new waste bins, golf club washers, welcome podiums and plant pots are made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers and wooden golf tees in the shop have replaced plastic variations.
Lumine is now operating without plastic water bottles, following the installation of new water fountains on-course, and has started selling a range of reusable, insulated bottles from the pro shop and clubhouses that will see a reduction of around 120,000 plastic bottles per year.

To support the growth of natural plants and the reproduction of wildlife, in the last eight years the greenkeeping team has reduced the irrigation area by 30 per cent, with course coverage dropping from 120 hectares to 85. These areas have now been returned to nature, helping the organic growth of native plants and the repopulation of animal species in the region.

Lumine’s latest ‘eco-first’ purchase, a new sprayer, will continue to align with its environmental strategy as it will help reduce the use of chemicals on the courses by 15 per cent. With the spraying components of the machine functioning via GPS and all the courses mapped out, the vehicle will automatically be able to identify where the greens, bunkers, fairway, tees and rough are situated, therefore allowing the team to target only the specific areas of the course they want to spray with chemicals.

The machine also has the ability to put down chemicals to a precision of 5cm from the edge of the targeted areas, as well as only spraying areas of the course that have previously not been sprayed.

Home of the European Tour Final Qualifying Stage and recent winner of ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’ at the World Golf Awards, Lumine prides itself on continuously pushing boundaries and activating “efficient and effective” strategies to improve its reputation and position within the golf industry.

Lumine has also recently undergone a vast refurbishment of both of its clubhouses, the Lakes and the Hills, as well as building a golf simulator range that now allows guests to compete against friends, play virtual courses and receive instant shot feedback on interactive game screens to help take their game to the next level.

Andy Gordon, head golf professional, recently commented on Lumine’s approach to sustainability: “We, as a resort, have made a continued effort in the past 10 years to improve our methods and processes in creating a world-class golf course, whilst caring and protecting our environment. We believe that there are still ongoing opportunities for us to help protect the local, domestic and global landscape in years to come.”

As health and wellbeing of individuals across the world becomes more important, Lumine Golf Club will provide the perfect landscape for golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy the outdoors, spending valuable time in picturesque environments with some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

Meet the chief business officer of Lumine’s parent company

Earlier this year Agustín García Pascual was appointed as the new chief business officer of Lumine Golf Club’s parent company, Mediterránea Beach & Golf Community, replacing Calle Carlsson. He’s worked in the industry for over 20 years, managing some of Spain’s finest golf and leisure facilities.

Having started his professional career in golf management as general manager of PGA Golf Catalunya in 1999 after a professional football career at Racing Santander, and was responsible for positioning the resort at the forefront of the industry by securing numerous European Tour events and several Spanish Opens during his 11-year tenure.

In 2009, he was appointed general director at Real Golf de Pedreña, a club founded in 1928 and was responsible, along with five other golf courses, for the creation of what is now the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

In his most recent position, Agustín García has served as director of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation, dedicated to promoting the fight and clinical research of brain tumours, preserving the legacy and transmitting the values of its founder, as well as supporting children and young people without resources in the development of their careers in the sport of golf.

Agustin Garcia Pascual commented: “I am excited to be a part of this wonderful resort, it is an exciting challenge for me, and I am keen to help the company reach new heights.”

Environmental measures at Lumine

• The club collects natural unused water flow from nearby towns and repurposes it around the resort.

• All new waste bins, golf club washers, welcome podiums and plant pots are made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers and wooden golf tees in the shop have replaced plastic variations.

• Water fountains have been installed on the course to reduce plastic bottle usage. Bottles from the pro shop are reusable

• 35 hectares of land have been returned to nature in the last eight years, helping the organic growth of native plants and the repopulation of animal species in the region.

• New sprayers have reduced chemical usage by 15 per cent and fertilisers have been replaced with 100 percent organic products where possible.

• 1,000 metres squared of sun panels have been installed, enabling production of 270,000kW to be used for equipment charging, lighting and additional power units.

• The Sequia major, a natural habitat, has been adapted to improve egg-laying areas of the European and Leper Galapagos (turtles).

• Long-lasting, energy efficient LED lighting has been used for all fixtures.

• Lectro water and gas consumption / leak control has been installed.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick July 12, 2020 07:32
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  1. Peter July 15, 11:03

    Great to see and read !! Sustainability is no longer in it’s trendy phase !! It is real and it pays off in many ways !! There is so much a club can do when Leadership, management, Members and employees are committed to “Green !” Most communities are aligned with the movement so too should club membership ! For many clubs, it could mean the difference between failure and great success !!

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  2. Michelle July 13, 11:11

    Great to see this. Sustainability has the be a no.1 priority now – although with COVID it seems this massive issue has been forgotten by many

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