Using technology to help new members renew next year

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 7, 2020 16:16

BRS Golf, which provides tee time booking technology to the golf industry, has seen 100,000 new registrations since golf courses reopened in the UK. And now it is using its software to ensure these golfers retain their memberships next year, writes Karen Moss, marketing manager for GolfNow International.

Golf club membership is on the rise. Recently England Golf reported that 20,000 new members had joined English clubs in the months following golf’s return on 13 May.

And here at BRS Golf we have seen the number of registered members using our tee time booking technology increase by 100,000 since lockdown restrictions were eased.

With membership trending up, now is the time to ensure that you have a robust member retention strategy, as well as a system to help you reduce all the associated admin headaches.

Cut down on time-consuming tasks, adapt your membership offer to changing circumstances and better manage your club’s cash flow with BRS Golf’s membership management software, Memberships.

Synchronise your data

This flexible, powerful solution allows you to manage all aspects of membership efficiently in one place. Memberships is fully integrated into the world’s number one tee sheet, used by 3,500 clubs across 14 countries, and our members’ booking site and app, meaning you can eliminate the frustration of managing member data across multiple systems. Information updates such as contact detail changes made in BRS Golf’s tee sheet or member site are synced automatically within Memberships.

Automate admin tasks

Memberships saves you time by easily automating admin tasks, making life simpler for you and your staff. Set your allowed grace period for non-payers, after which members’ logins will automatically be disabled. Quickly generate, print, email and publish bills directly to the member website and app. Create one or 1,000 in just a few clicks. Members can securely pay their bills online and get email reminders so they never miss a payment, meaning you can limit in-person transactions.

Customisable subscriptions

Improve member retention by utilising our custom subscription cycles to create tailored payment schemes, enabling golfers to spread the cost of their membership monthly, bi-monthly or at another rate set by the club. Chain subscriptions based on age, length of service or design your own – for example, extend introductory offers to new members that convert to full membership.

Membership finance

Another exciting feature of BRS Golf’s Memberships software is our integration with V12 Retail Finance. Golfers can apply for a membership finance loan directly through the member website or mobile app.

Grow membership and help preserve your existing customer base by offering golfers the ability to spread the cost of their subscription. Significantly improve your club’s cash flow as funds will be remitted within 48 hours of the golfer’s successful loan application. And, because the agreement is between V12 and the golfer, clubs won’t suffer clawbacks if a member defaults. Golfers can apply to cover multiple memberships and other club or union fees.

This first of its kind integration is helping to make golf club membership more affordable and accessible than ever and is part of BRS Golf’s ongoing commitment to growing the game of golf. Membership finance is currently available in the UK only.

Flexible memberships

And if you have current or potential members who are unsure about renewing or applying for a full membership because they don’t get out to play enough, we have the solution. Enable flexible memberships to help appeal to modern, busy golfers with work and family commitments.

In recent years the industry has seen demand for this type of membership grow, and – particularly in the current climate – BRS Golf wants to help golf clubs cater for this audience.

Our self-managing, green fee points based solution is fully integrated with the BRS Golf tee sheet, members’ booking website and app. Flexible members can book tee times and pay to top up points online. The points attributed to their chosen green fees are then automatically deducted from their digital wallet.

Attract new golfers, retain existing or recently acquired members and save hours in admin with flexible memberships. Now available free of charge to current BRS Golf customers and powered by our online ‘Payments’ technology.



All online payments are processed through our bespoke payments solution, which has been specifically designed for golf clubs. BRS Payments allows you to manage all your online transactions in one place.

Help members and visitors maintain social distancing by allowing them to pay bills and green fees online. Easily email payment links and invoices so customers can pay online, accept over the phone payments against bookings and issue refunds, or even partial refunds, at the click of a button. Integrated with our visitor booking engine so there’s no need for lengthy pro shop queues!

With the addition of Memberships, BRS Golf now offers the ability to manage all aspects of your club including: Tee sheet, membership management, online payments, member and visitor booking and competitions and handicapping in a single, powerful, solution.



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Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 7, 2020 16:16
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