Club’s dress code update intensifies debate

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 16, 2020 06:39

An English golf club that issued a statement on its website that ‘hoodies are not acceptable’, in response to Tyrrell Hatton wearing one during his recent victory at the BMW Championship, has intensified a debate about dress codes.

Hatton wore an Adidas hoodie throughout the BMW Championship, which initially led to some negative comments on social media, such as ‘hoodies do not belong on the golf course’.

Hatton himself addressed the issue during the round by offering to send 10 hoodies to followers, adding, seemingly sarcastically: ‘I see so many of you are loving the hoodie I’m wearing this week’.

In response, many people posted their support for Hatton’s clothing choice on social media, with some saying that junior golf will only grow when dress codes are relaxed.

This led to the northern golf club posting on its website: ‘In light of Tyrell Hattons recent success and fashion statement and following discussions on this, can I draw your attention to the clubs dress code and re emphasise that “hoodies” are not acceptable golf attire for [the golf club in question], no more so in fact than designer ripped jeans. I hope this avoids any unnecessary misunderstandings on this subject.’

US website saw the post and said the ‘hoodie has caused a bit of a stir in England’.

‘It is not clear what exactly prompted the clarification, but perhaps we’ll receive that information soon. And to be fair, the hoodie is a polarizing piece of attire for many golf clubs,’ the site added.

Hatton’s dress sense was also reported in France, with one site quoting the golfer:

“The hoodies look good and there’s no reason why there should be an issue with it,” he said.

“It creates a bit of debate. People are split, they don’t know if they like it or not, but I think it’s a cool thing that people are talking about it.

“They should be open to the idea of creating a more open sport rather than being kind of snobby.”

This story comes as former player and current Australian broadcaster Ewan Porter revealed that he was not allowed to play at a golf club because he was wearing black socks.

“Visited a premier Sydney golf club today,” Porter wrote on social media. “Was told I wouldn’t be able to play wearing black socks with black shoes and I needed to buy white club socks. Leaving this open for discussion, but I said out of principle, I’d prefer not to play than bow to archaic rules.”

Porter later said he has been banned by the club for taking his tale public.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 16, 2020 06:39
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  1. Richard October 22, 11:21

    Why does our industry insist on highlighting the negative minority? Turn up at the vast majority of clubs with a few quid in your pocket and an interest in this amazing sport and you will be welcomed with open arms! Regardless of whether your jumper has a hood or not!

    We have a hugely inclusive sport, 5 – 95 year olds, all ethnicities, male and female and LGBT!

    Let’s shout about that!!!!

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  2. Pringle October 18, 19:48

    About time golf clubs started to wake up
    We have to let the younger generation wear their clothing or we’ll scare them off
    It’s more important they have the manners and behavior required

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  3. Euan October 18, 19:12

    Maybe this is one of the problems with golf clubs at the moment. Perhaps more interest in participation rates than what people are wearing. I remember that Tiger wore a t-shirt for a first time!

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  4. StephenM October 17, 15:07

    The main question here is if I turned up in a hoodie to play at Wentworth, would they let me play?

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  5. GM October 17, 06:21

    It only took them 245 years to make changes in the rules of golf, to say they are slow adopters would be an understatement.

    Much ado about nothing.

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  6. PAnderson October 17, 05:54

    Well done the golf club stick to your guns if that is the dress code and you don’t like it simple don’t go there you have a choice

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  7. GM October 17, 05:04

    And the old guard wonders why growing the game is a challenge? Perhaps if he wore an ascot with his hoodie he would pass muster. Meanwhile, he just keeps playing lights out golf!

    Get to the range stuffy guys, your time would be more well spent. Keep on rolling Tyrrell!

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  8. Ashley October 16, 15:50

    The way I see it is that if the GC has a dress code and that doesn’t permit the wearing of hoodies then so be it. It’s the GC’s choice and the members can support it or not, as again it’s their choice. You have to accept that it is not for everyone, it may be to their detriment but I respect their decision to uphold the values they have. I wonder if I turned up in a hoodie at Wentworth whether I would be allowed to play?

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  9. GCosford October 16, 15:02

    We all understand this was a smart product placement by Adidas sportswear but surely;
    1. Its more important whats inside the hoodie than the hoodie itself?
    2. Too many in golf club leadership positions (board members) are in it just to protect their own values…not those necessarily of the club

    I personally wouldn’t wear one on the course, but welcome anyone that did. Treat others with respect – you earn respect!

    Of course if a club decides no hoodies, whats the next step a list of not acceptables; trainers, yellow sweaters, short skirts etc… A very slippery slope. Golf has more important questions to deal with!

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  10. Wanda October 16, 12:51

    I think I’m going to wear a hoodie this afternoon when playing a round of golf…..thanks to Tyrell Hatton!

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  11. Dave P October 16, 11:46

    oh dear! Our academy juniors all proudly wear club logo hoodies – perfect for the autumn/winter sessions!

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  12. Jordan October 16, 11:11

    I’d support keeping a smart dress code for competitions and events like this. If we have a board comp at my club then I’ll dress appropriately…If you’re telling me I can’t wear a hoodie for a quick 9-holes on a Friday evening? Behave.

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  13. Stuart C October 16, 10:15

    At least his weapons are in his golf bag,not in his trousers!?
    Golf is a sport to be enjoyed and not a fashion runway,although I think he looks great and,probably,a trend-setter!
    Get with it,all you golf clubs and let’s get the kids out there,as opposed to worrying about dress codes!
    The Pro’s Shops will be stacking the shelves as we speak! STUART,Chairman,MyClubGroup,the Platform for Grass Roots Sports(golf included,with Chubby Chandler our Ambassador!).

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  14. Bentham October 16, 09:55

    Looks young, athletic, sporty, exactly the image golf should be promoting. If he had Union Jack trousers and a mustard sweater (without a hood) that would be more acceptable??

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  15. WM October 16, 09:12

    A golf club still stuck in the dark ages..and no doubt run by the ‘old school traditionalists’ – the ‘designer ripped jeans’ comment is absolute bollocks and Hatton’s attire comes no where near that. Changing times!

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  16. Nacho October 16, 08:44

    Private property (body/place) is sacrosanct and in a free society everybody has to assume the cost/benefit of its decisions. Voting for everything is an act of tyranny of the majority/minority so please let’s put in practice the non-aggression principle. If you don’t like other’s decisions please “laissez-faire, laissez-passer, le monde va de lui-même”… Split up and continue… No debate at all. Think different…#VC

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