‘Noxious chemical’ sprayed across golf club’s greens

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 2, 2021 07:45

A golf club that experienced vandalism when a quad bike drove across it in March has now revealed that the vehicle probably had a spray unit attached to cause even more damage to the surface.

On the night of March 16, a quad bike drove around Linlithgow Golf Club’s course, leaving track marks on all but four of its holes.

While that damage was bad enough for the venue, patches of yellow grass have appeared on many of the greens, suggesting the driver was spraying weedkiller on the course – ensuring maximum damage with the new golfing season about to start.

Linlithgow Golf Club (last summer). Image from Facebook

John McClymont, club manager, told the local press: β€œIt is now apparent that during this incident the quad bike must have had a spray unit attached, used to spray some sort of noxious chemical across each of these greens, except the 11th, with large patches of yellowing grass now visible.

“An initial inspection of the greens carried out by our turf consultants indicates that it is not possible to establish exactly what substance has been sprayed, but weedkiller is considered likely.”

He added that locals can still use the course to play golf despite the chemical attack.

He said: β€œI am pleased to say that the greens remain playable.

“The greens will now be monitored closely over the next few weeks with a view to assessing the extent of any damage that may have been caused and then identifying the optimum solution to bring the greens back up to normal condition.”

The matter has been reported to Police Scotland.

If anyone has any information in relation to the incident, please contact secretary@linlithgowgolf.co.uk in the first instance or Police Scotland.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 2, 2021 07:45
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  1. Stuart H April 3, 14:42

    I used to be one of the 3 Assistant Professionals at Belfairs in the late 1960’s. At that time people used to start to arrive at 3am in the morning to get a booking at the weekend. It was one of the best courses in the area but I am afraid it has suffered from years of under investment by the Council. It has not even got a proper professional shop now and is a sad shadow of what it used to be.

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  2. Jari April 2, 15:03

    if I said, iron 2-4 f you get or hit….

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  3. Langley April 2, 11:17

    That is shocking

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