How much do you know about the company that supports nearly 1,000 golf clubs?

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick February 9, 2023 09:12

Established in 1984, Foremost Golf is the UK’s largest golf retail and marketing group.

Its mission is simple: to help member retailers and PGA professionals deliver an enhanced proposition to their customers at the same time as giving them the tools and time to be a bigger and more positive presence within the golf club. Foremost pros up and down the country are helping to build healthy communities within their golf clubs, improving the overall experience and assisting membership recruitment and retention.

Foremost acts as the support engine sitting behind PGA professionals and helps them to provide a premier service to their golfing customers. Working with nearly 1,000 members’ retail propositions, the support team at Foremost possesses unmatched knowledge of what a successful golf professional and retail business looks like in the modern golf environment. The comprehensive array of services available to Foremost members help to advance all aspects of their business, improving profitability and giving them back their time.


Foremost says it is the biggest buyer of golf products in the UK and Ireland with a retail turnover of over £180 million per year, and that it fosters strong relationships with the leading suppliers to offer its members the very best buying terms, exclusive campaigns and promotions, helping them compete with the large online retailers.

The group’s ‘Central Invoicing & Payment System’ and experienced finance support team, who manage all the back-end administration of running a retail business, including invoice disputes, allows Foremost members to save more than half a day a week. The time saved means members can invest their time in their business: coaching, fitting, retailing and interacting with customers of the golf club.


Foremost says it is widely recognised in the industry as the number one in digital retail marketing. The comprehensive digital and in-store marketing service takes customers intuitively through each touchpoint from start to finish along the marketing journey. The group’s sophisticated digital support systems are cleverly engineered to help maintain strong engagement with members and customers, delivering personalised communications at every stage.

The Elite Marketing Programme (EMP), which it describes as industry leading, includes a cutting-edge digital newsletter, personalised website, social media support system and synchronised in-store retail proposition, designed to drive engagement and interest. Members’ retail spaces are constantly looking fresh and relevant with in-store integrated monitors showing live content from brands as well as signage and in-store POS ensuring professional presentation and joined-up messaging with all current campaigns and marketing. Foremost helps pros through each step in the process, from initial contact right through to conversion.

The personalised EMP Website each member receives free-of-charge acts as a hub of content and knowledge inviting customers to learn more. It is not only the host for all digital content, but presents an up-to-date, clear, and accurate description of services and list of brands and products stocked. Social media is automatically co-ordinated with product launches matching the brands that a pro stocks and timely management of feeds adds professionalism and encourages interaction online.

The group also provides an ‘Online Lesson Booking System’ which enables golfers to book quickly and conveniently with their club’s coaching professionals. The system is set up to maximise efficiency and revenue from lessons, fittings, and more, in a modern, professional manner.

The group’s EMP marketing platforms are designed to give customers an elevated club life experience and help golf clubs build their communities and retain members.

E-commerce Click & Collect solution – wider choice for golfers

The group also provides its own optional e-commerce ‘Click & Collect’ solution allowing golf pros to compete online without the associated costs. The incremental income helps the retail business while acting as a perfect solution to give golfers a wider choice when browsing and added convenience buying from their club pro. The product is delivered directly to their shop for collection with the affiliate margin going to the retail business.

Business Development Consultant (BDC) team

Foremost’s experienced team possess unrivalled knowledge of supporting more than 990 golf club retail businesses across the UK. The BDC team acts as every member’s critical friend, delivering expert consultancy in-person and remotely from high level planning of studio installation through to the finer details of retail performance. Additional business and retail education regional workshops help members throughout the season.

In short, Foremost helps its members become the best version of themselves and often even better. The group’s experiences and dedicated staff work constantly in the background to drive its members’ businesses forward, helping them run a modern and efficient service for members and connect with their customers like never before. It all adds up to a successful and well-respected pro who serves at the heart of their golf club maintaining relationships and improving member retention.

For more information, email or call 01753 218890


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick February 9, 2023 09:12
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  1. ErnieLong February 23, 09:08

    In my experience it isnt doing anything inovative…..each week I receive an email which is generic, I know this as Im a member of a few clubs, its a template, its just not great unless the pro actually makes and adds their own content. Why do you think the golf influencers are so big now, because they make interesting content.Mark Crossfield for example is now virtual head pro of an online golf shop. I understand face to face human contact is great, if it is great customer service, but unfortunately it often isnt as while the pro is out doing lessons the assistant who really doesnt care, is left running the shop and putting off potential customers. Its not always the case but more often. Is the pro shop model outdated ?

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