Royal Troon to block out caravan site

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 12, 2013 11:09

Royal Troon Golf Club has been granted planning permission to build a wall of sand to block out views of a nearby caravan site.

The Ayrshire club, which is hosting the 2016 Open Championship, is allowed to build a 500 feet-long sand dune that will be 13 feet high, by its ninth green and 10th tee.

That part of Royal Troon’s course has shared a boundary with Prestwick Holiday Park, a 160-caravan site, for the last 75 years.

Royal Troon says the wall is necessary due to course maintenance and security issues, but admits that it is partly motivated by screening ‘views of the caravan site’. The worldwide television coverage that comes from hosting the Open regularly leads to an increase in tourism for the host’s local area.

However, several people involved with the caravan site have criticised Royal Troon Golf Club.

One holidaying couple compared the plan to the Berlin Wall, another said the proposals were ‘snobbish’, while Arthur McKay, owner of Prestwick Holiday Park, said: “It seems we’re just not good enough for Royal Troon despite being neighbours since 1938.

“Amazing course and sea views from some of the caravans will now become a view of a sand berm which starts right at our boundary.”

His daughter added that it could seriously affect their business.

“People won’t pay good money for a view of a wall of sand,” she said.

“I fail to see what Royal Troon find so objectionable. The caravans are discreet and well maintained.”

Thirty-seven objections were lodged with South Ayrshire Council, some of which stated that the wall will be bad for the environment, as it will lead to the felling of a number of trees.

However, while, councillor Peter Convery said he appreciated the ‘concern and upset’ of the objectors, no councillor voted against the proposals.

Royal Troon told them that the trees were ‘weak, stunted and damaged’, while golf course architect Martin Ebert told the committee that The R&A views the proposals as ‘essential’.

The club’s report that went before the council also stated: “Royal Troon wish to more effectively screen the boundary of views to the caravan park.”

Club secretary David Brown said: “The development for the Open has great economic benefits for the district and the whole area.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 12, 2013 11:09
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  1. Disgusted of Troon June 13, 18:18

    And if you’d bothered to read the article, you’d have read that the caravans are in Prestwick…..

    Perhaps the facts have confused you – and if so I can guess you’re one of the chinless wonders.

    The Open benefits nobody except those that rent their houses out (mostly without telling HMRC) and the Royal Troon Little Boys’ Club. But it’s the residents that pay the price of their little games.

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  2. Disgusted of Troon June 13, 18:14

    No – I’m not. I live in Troon and have to put up with these selfish arrogant oafs and their self-indulgence fence.

    This is nothing but snobbery that abounds at the little boys’ club.

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  3. Susan Moore June 13, 16:40

    I guess Disgusted of Troon is one of the caravan owners! Read the article – the club needs to do it to stay on The R&A’s host venue Open rota. And that benefits the Ayrshire economy

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  4. Disgusted of Troon June 13, 16:34

    This is typical of the inbred chinless wonders who congregate at the snobfest that is Royal Troon.

    These lackwit losers are a disgusting mix of selfish arrogance and arrogant selfishness.

    I just wish they had gone bankrupt years ago when they completely mismanaged the updating of their mysogenistic gang hut.

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