Scottish Golf proposing new affiliation fee rise

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 19, 2024 11:27

Scottish Golf is proposing to raise the affiliation fees every member of an affiliated Scottish golf club pays from £14.50 per year to £17.50 per year.

The national governing body for golf in Scotland will propose the 20 percent rise at next month’s annual general meeting, reports The Scotsman.

The bid to increase the levy has been shared with member clubs by CEO Robbie Clyde in a fortnightly newsletter.

A plan to raise the affiliation fee from £14.50 to £15.75 was put together last year but was ultimately shelved due to opposition from Scottish Golf’s ‘Areas and Counties’.
Clyde believes there is now support for the move.

In the newsletter, Clyde said: “From the Regional Forums held in January and the subsequent direct meetings with individual clubs, Areas and Counties, we have heard there is positive support for our plans to recruit regional development managers across Scotland to increase our investment and focus on the growth of women’s and girls’ participation levels, as well as provide more direct support to performance development at a regional level.

Robbie Clyde

“You have clearly told us that you understand the importance of all this work to strengthen our clubs, bring more people into club membership and support these key pillars of our national golf strategy.

“As such, we have taken your positive feedback to the SGL board, who have recommended that an affiliation fee increase of £3 is proposed at the May AGM.”

Clyde, who took over the reins last year after Fraser Thornton had filled in as interim CEO, added: “Building on the accountability and transparency which you have heard from me in recent months, over the next few weeks I will providing more detail on the background and finances to this recommended increase, to ensure that by the time of the AGM, you will have all the details and information you require to make an informed decision to support this proposal.”

Meanwhile, Martin Gilbert is seeking re-election for a second term as Scottish Golf chair along with the appointment of four new board members.

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 19, 2024 11:27
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  1. Dave May 2, 14:30

    Kepp digging the funeral hole for golf then – all these price hicks will start killing the game even more, and many club members are starting to question the costs also – be aware all of you in high places, the golfing public will start to talk with their feet!

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  2. djm April 25, 12:23

    Monopoly business seeks higher prices for its product…………….

    The price hike will do nothing to grow the game, but will certainly pay for more pointless boon doggling… Trebles all round !!!!!!

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  3. Golf Insights April 22, 15:55

    The increase is long overdue and this investment is needed to allow the governing body to operate to a level that clubs will benefit from.

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    • kiwi April 27, 17:57

      why ? What have they ever done for Scottish golf ? , All they have ever done is cost a fortune with new headquarters every couple of years . Have not a clue where they are now .They are a disgrace as a governing body and useless . I would think after being told to get lost last year they would of done something useful for the loyal members instead of just asking for more money .

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  4. MacRae April 21, 12:17

    I agree with this, it’s still a tiny amount but also, how does it work for golfers who now don’t need to be a member but are still able tonhave a handicap etc… do they have to pay a fee too?

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  5. Hollandbush April 20, 13:45

    Totally agree with this increase. All clubs have raised their fees & Scottish golf aim to deliver regional development officers and loads more.

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