The latest legislation affecting greenkeepers

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 14, 2013 14:38

David Mears is the managing director of Highspeed Group. Here, he analyses the plethora of legislation affecting greenkeepers today


Much has been said about the requirement to comply with regulations across the EU and to prevent pollution. It is illegal to allow certain substances such as oils, fuels, chemicals and so on to be allowed to enter the groundwater, causing pollution. Washing turf machinery, refuelling and handling spraying equipment are considered to be activities where the chances of such pollution are high. There are still a number of courses that have not addressed this matter and are taking risks. The simplest way to ensure compliance (and save precious water) is to install a genuine biological washpad water recycling system. Made in the UK and with unique features, ClearWater, which provides powerful wash-off, is fast becoming the preferred choice of many. So why choose ClearWater? It’s located safely below ground providing the reassurance (particularly in very hot weather) of low operating temperatures and allaying fears over possible development of harmful bacteria. As the Health and Safety Executive states: ‘There is a reasonably foreseeable legionella risk if your water system has a water temperature between 20 and 45 °C, creates and / or spreads breathable droplets, such as aerosol, stores and / or re-circulates water, is likely to contain a source of food for the organism, such as the presence of sludge, scale or fouling.

Being below ground has another benefit enjoyed by many: ‘It’s not in your face!’ as some have said. Yes, it’s unobtrusive and silent which can be an advantage, especially if the washpad is located near to a playing area. The big plus with ClearWater is that it has WTL (Water Technology List) certification. It can be used even if drought orders apply and WTL approval means that businesses can write off 100 percent of the system and associated work against taxable profits in the year of purchase on the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme. This can bring significant financial savings and reduce your business impact on the environment. ClearWater can be installed as part of a Pollution Prevention Area with chemical and refuelling tanks included and often incorporating an upgraded existing washpad, saving extra expense.

Re-fuelling and oil storage Oil pollution regulations in England, Wales and Scotland are law and must be complied with. If your fuel tank is in need of replacement, why delay? A fully bunded and lockable ‘Fuel Point’ with mains pump, hose and auto nozzle from the website can be purchased from as little as £799 plus VAT delivered and, if you purchase before the end of August, there’s a free Apollo contents gauge worth £45.95! Fuel Points are ready to be connected to a 13 amp plug and used immediately. Oil tanks (single skin and bunded) that have developed considerably over the last year, and are low profile (hidden behind a hedge or similar) and super slim (can pass through all but the narrowest doorways) are also available at competitive prices. Do all your oil containers stand on a sump pallet? Did you know that you should have a spill kit alongside oil / fuel dispensing and storage facilities?

Petrol storage and dispensing New innovations in mobile storage and dispensing are available from with the new CEMO trolleys. Safe transit and storage of petrol jerrycans is facilitated by investing in a ‘Transit Box Special’. For larger petrol storage capacity and dispensing (taking tanker deliveries), Highspeed Group offers its 980 litre ‘Petrol Station’.

Waste management

A dedicated waste management service is essential for compliance, but are you getting best value? Highspeed Group is famous for its waste management services and operates with its own vehicles and personnel throughout mainland UK. All manner of waste services are available and the attractive packages for golf clubs are worth checking out.

Workwear and PPE

Often overlooked where compliance is concerned but nevertheless the supply of necessary protective clothing is covered by law. A full range is available from Highspeed Group.

Insurance requirements

Fuel and oil tanks should be inspected and serviced annually, just like vehicles. Most insurers insist on this and, if you pollute, you will pay! Another concern is that of your supplier’s insurers. To obtain liability cover, they usually confirm that they operate ‘driver unsafe delivery reports’. Basically, if a driver deems your tank unsafe / non-compliant, delivery can be refused. If you do not have an annual service agreement, it may be worth investing in such. Highspeed covers the country (and with fully equipped OFTEC trained engineers). Check your insurance cover. We know of one golf club that allowed a greenkeeper to collect petrol in jerrycans in the boot of his car. Not only was he putting himself at risk and invalidating his own policy, but the club’s insurers found out and insisted the practice was stopped! Do you know anyone collecting petrol in this way? Food for thought and a policy check!

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Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 14, 2013 14:38
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  1. Pete Principle August 10, 01:01

    Hi Everyone,

    Don’t forget that all water systems (domestic hot and cold water; golf course irrigation systems; clearwater washpad system) must be included in your Gold Club Legionella Risk Assessment in order to identify and manage the risks associated with Legionella bacteria. This is necessary in order to achieve compliance with the HSE Approved Code of Practice ACoP L8:2013; HSG274 Part 2 & 3.

    If you need any assistance feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.


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  2. 19th Hole Social (@19th_holesocial) August 14, 15:46

    #Golf #Panthersocial The latest legislation affecting greenkeepers

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