Two golf clubs in Bournemouth report shocking vandalism

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 5, 2024 11:25

Two golf clubs in Bournemouth have reported that vandals have attacked parts of their courses.

The Club at Meyrick Park says it was hit by “the worst vandalism yet” after youngsters destroyed parts of its course.

When the story was published on X, the head PGA professional at nearby Knighton Heath Golf Club shared images of vandalism at his course as well.

The Bournemouth Echo revealed that a group of teenagers were spotted entering The Club at Meyrick Park at night, and they rode motorbikes and electric bikes across the greens, causing damage.

It was the third time the course had been damaged in the space of ten days.

Mo Bah, the golf course manager and resident greenkeeper, was distraught at the sight of the green. He said: “It’s taking a lot of our time doing that rather than actually concentrating on what we need to do on the golf course.

“This course is my baby, I’ve been here almost nine years now and this is the worst I have seen it.

“This is the start of the golfing season, we had the course ready to welcome visitors on April 1, but now because of this, we’ve had to delay that.”

Several greens could be closed for up to a week due to the damage.

Kate Beauchamp, general manager at the club said: “It’s demoralising and it’s blatant vandalism.

“We can’t be the eyes out there all the time.

“We would appreciate the public if they see anything, either calling us or the police or going to say, taking photographs, just so we’ve got evidence because we only see the aftermath.

“We’ve got visitors coming over and then when they see the course in bad condition because of the vandalism, it has a knock-on effect on everything. it’s just really sad to see.”

When the newspaper published the story on X, Andy Windsor, the head PGA professional Knighton Heath Golf Club, replied: “So, it’s not just Knighton Heath Golf Club then”, with these four shocking images.

Image from X

Image from X

Image from X

Image from X


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 5, 2024 11:25
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  1. Medingdörfer April 7, 20:42

    Similar acts of vandalism in Germany and France

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  2. LightBeam April 6, 10:03

    Seems like more than just vandalism, the broken rakes make it personal. Destroying someone’s livelihood, real classy. Hopefully they find and prosecute, throw in a hate crime charge. Unbelievable, the turf guys will fix quickly.

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  3. CMO Growth AI April 5, 14:18

    Just doesn’t make sense. Broken Britain.

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  4. Forney April 5, 14:00

    This type of vandalism is senseless.

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  5. GolfTravelWire April 5, 13:37

    Heart breaking

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  6. IS April 5, 12:42

    As to why people behave this way is very rarely determined but as social workers and lawyers always remind us – it is always someone else’s fault, never the culprit.

    And there arguably lies half the problem – a society without child discipline, coupled with non-accountability.

    And the other half? A justice system not given the power to administer substantive justice. That sort of crime would be rarely seen in the USA. Why? Because even dumb ass vandals suspect that their local judge plays golf and he would throw away their cell door key. .

    How would the UK justice system ‘punish’ vandals? If aged under 17 years very little – possibly a little community service. If over that age – a fine plus up to 3 months inside if repair costs are low, otherwise a fine plus up to 6 months inside.

    Before one possibly thinks ‘that’s not so bad’ let me add that I know of one BURGLAR here who had sixty odd burglary convictions before receiving his first short imprisonment!

    Many victims fail to report all types of crimes for fear of retribution and having to face the ‘justice’ circus once more!

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  7. BINKIES April 5, 11:53

    No way that people do this! Good luck to the Greenkeepers staff of both clubs!

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