Nuisance bikers repeatedly targeting Kent golf club

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 23, 2023 22:39

A golf club in Kent has said bikers have caused possibly tens of thousands of pounds-worth of damage in at least four recent incidents.

Canterbury Golf Club’s chairman Steve Eeles says, in the latest attacks, motorcyclists drove onto the club’s course twice in the space of two days.

“A couple of motorbikes came along the public footpath that crosses our 7th and 9th holes and proceeded to deliberately drive across the 8th and 9th greens,” he said.

“Fortunately our general manager and course manager were on site and managed to get out on the course to prevent any further damage.”

The bikers then fled, leaving a scar in the green on the course, which had to be cut out and replaced.

However, the next day two bikes rode onto the fairway on the 18th hole – while golfers were playing on the course.

Some golfers confronted the riders, who in return became abusive and pulled doughnuts on some of the greens and tees.

It left yet more expensive damage to be fixed on the course, which is in a conservation area and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

“The second incident was much more serious as the motorbike riders had a total disregard for golfers’ safety,” added Eeles.

“They have caused thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds of damage and have left members, staff and local golfers feeling threatened.”

The club boss added members were feeling frustrated with the lack of support given by authorities.

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“Despite reporting at least five such incidents to the police in the last two to three months, nothing appears to have been done,” he added.

General manager Roger Hyder said he was worried future incidents may result in violence between golfers and the bikers.

“Our overriding concern is that members will take matters into their own hands in protecting themselves and what they feel is their property should they feel threatened,” he explained.

“Obviously we discourage any such action from our members and visiting golfers, but in the heat of the moment you do worry.”

Sergeant John Woodward of Canterbury Community Safety Unit said: “Officers have been made aware of concerns about nuisance motorbikes in the area around Littlebourne Road and we understand the impact this has on local residents and those using the area for recreation.

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“We are currently focused on this issue and I want to reassure local residents that we will continue to work with partners and local residents to intervene when issues are raised, seizing uninsured or unmarked bikes, as well as those being ridden in an antisocial manner.

“To help us in our operations, I urge anyone who witnesses anti-social or illegal off-road riding to report it through our website, or by calling 999 if a crime is in progress.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 23, 2023 22:39
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  1. Marc Dempsey March 2, 15:19

    We had the same problem at Tunshill G.C, two bikers riding along fairways and doing donuts on two greens around the flags.

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  2. Steve February 28, 03:26

    This is of course terrible and not what we want.. however could you please headline with vandals on motorcycles… as the vast majority of motorcyclists are law abiding citizens and like myself a biking golfer…. Effort should be made to catch and charge accordingly and indeed see if these vandals have a licence and insurance etc..
    Many thanks Steve

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    • Clive March 2, 11:12

      This appears to be an ongoing trend across the country. My local golf course in Surrey suffers from the same and the most infuriating thing is if you catch them in the act and phone the police you get no response. 5 calls on 5 separate occasions and nothing. They have even taken over part of the local downland adjoining the golf course to ride around at weekends and the police just turn a blind eye.

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  3. Freddie ZT February 27, 17:44

    Wreck the bikers bikes. Onlybwsy.

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  4. Mario February 25, 11:05

    I am a new member to my local golf club in hertfordshire well golf in general. I just want to show my support to the golf course that has been vandalised by these ppl. I hope you manage to get this under control and get back to the game of golfing.

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  5. Plusgas February 24, 21:21

    Could the Club not engage a local CTV expert to provide some temporary hidden cameras in order to gather some evidence of the offenders?

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