A monthly membership payment option for golf clubs

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick October 12, 2023 12:29

An in-depth look at GolfClubSubs.

Amid rising costs of living and financial pressures, golf clubs face the task of ensuring member affordability without compromising on their cash inflow. GolfClubSubs presents a software solution tailored to simplify this membership fee management challenge.

Monthly instalments: A necessary offering

Paying membership fees in monthly instalments offers members relief from their immediate financial constraints, reducing stress and enhancing their financial planning. For the club, this fosters engagement and increases member retention while providing the club with a more consistent monthly cash flow.

Pennard Golf Club

Direct Debit: A win-win

By leveraging a software based direct debit system via GolfClubSubs, clubs can sidestep numerous traditional challenges: the time-consuming process of manual invoicing and bank reconciliations, the rigours of credit control and the uncertainty tied to fluctuating interest rates can all be avoided.
Membership payment options

Golf clubs can choose between three systems with GolfClubSubs:

Smart Credit: A credit agreement between the club and the member where interest can be levied per FCA’s ‘limited permission’ or using the relevant FCA exemptions*. GolfClubSubs onboarding team offers full support through the setup process.

Smart Direct Debit: A prepaid membership model without creating a credit agreement with the member, saving on admin time.

Smart Membership: Collect cash, card and instalment payments while also managing the full renewal process automatically and online.

* contact us to find out if your club is already FCA exempt! Email: enquiry@golfclubsubs.com or visit www.golfclubsubs.com


“Pennard Golf Club switched to GolfClubSubs.com in March 2019 to manage members’ direct debit payments. The set-up process was simple and well managed. We are extremely pleased with how effective the system is,” said Rhys Morgan, club manager, Pennard Golf Club.

Rhys Morgan

GolfClubSubs features

● Terms and conditions integration: Ensures financial protection with members agreeing to club-specific terms during enrolment.

● Digital self-enrolment: Reduces administrative costs by allowing digital member enrolment.

● Low touch: Automates payment collection and credit control via email and SMS with a comprehensive dashboard and reporting engine.

● Transparent cost system: Clubs can offset service costs by charging system-using members or embedding the costs in the membership fee.

● Custom credit agreements: Facilitates bespoke credit agreements as per club and member needs.

● Consistent pricing: Offers predictable pricing, enabling stable budget planning.

● Automation: The system acts as another member of the accounts team, chasing late payers, issuing invoices and receipts and reporting on payments received.

Implementing GolfClubSubs significantly improves the operational efficiency of clubs, focusing on membership fee management. This streamlines internal account processes and ensures club growth and member satisfaction.


Eager to know more? For a free demo or any inquiries, visit www.golfclubsubs.com or contact Phil Stewart, sales manager, at enquiry@golfclubsubs.com


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick October 12, 2023 12:29
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    Had this system Dublin 25years ago in golf club I was member

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