Stockport golf club will not be turned into housing

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 19, 2024 12:48

A golf club in Stockport that was earmarked to be closed so 278 homes could be built on it has been saved following a campaign by local residents.

Stockport council’s planning committee voted to reject the application from Hollins Strategic Land by seven votes to five to build on Gatley Golf Club, despite the plan being recommended for approval by planning officers.

The design submitted to the council included creating an urban park, tennis courts and allotments as part of the development alongside new homes. Before the vote, residents in the area campaigned to stop the building work going ahead, with a petition to ‘save’ the club being signed by more than 1,000 people.

The applicant questioned whether the golf club would be financially viable in the future after full membership of the club was closed in 2018, but campaigners say there are more than a thousand people who would be interested in joining Gatley Golf Club if they were allowed.

Sharon Lindsay, an organiser of the Gatley Golf Course Action Group, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that she was “delighted” with the decision.

She said: “It was entirely the correct decision, to allow it to go ahead would have set a precedent that every sports facility in Stockport could fall foul of the same attempt to run it down and sacrifice the strategic open space on it.

Gatley Golf Course. Image from Facebook

“1,200 people have said they would be interested in joining the golf club as social or full members, to make sure that this really beautiful open space which is loved and enjoyed by everyone locally remains.

“That we can now come together and protect this for the future, and everyone can come together to enjoy it as the community facility which it is.”

Lib Dem councillor Ian Powney said the club members’ decision to sell the land for development was driven by profit: “It’s not for sporting benefit but because it’s going to line their pockets, and they stopped other people joining because that would dilute how much money they would get out of it.”

Councillor Anna Charles-Jones, leader of the Independent Ratepayers in the Heald Green ward, voted against the application and said: “The points that I keep coming back to are the loss of the green lung, and that phrase once it’s gone it’s gone forever.”

Labour and Co-operative Party councillor Rachel Wise said: “As a councillor I speak to people who are struggling to find somewhere to live. I have to give very significant weight to the suggestion that we build 140 affordable homes in part of the borough where average sales values are £366,000, that’s an extraordinary amount of money for somebody who has a young family, for someone who hasn’t had secure housing and secure work.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 19, 2024 12:48
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  1. Deepdiver 14 February 24, 15:54

    What a fantastic decision the Building and construction industry distroy to many green spaces and if not kept an eye on would distroy every tree and green space in the name off profit Best wishes for the Future Gatley golf club. I hope your membership is over subscribed

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  2. Saddleworth 1 February 22, 21:13

    Great news for Gatley Golf Club, now get behind it and join the Golf Membership, Social Mrmbership.
    Put your money where your mouth is.

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  3. Maximus February 21, 08:46

    Excellent news. As a keen golfer in another part of the country, I am glad to hear that this green space and great looking golf club, has been saved. I hope that it is allowed to flourish as a golf club for all to enjoy.

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  4. Rob February 21, 01:02

    Next thing is saving Hythe Golf Vlub in Kent!!!

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  5. The Club Bukit Utama February 19, 16:40

    True when it’s gone it’s gone. I am sure the council will be able to find land to build affordable housing. It does not have to come at the expense of the green spaces or to line the pockets of a few members who are most likely able to join much more expensive clubs with their windfall, while others who are not as affluent may struggle to find a place to play golf at an affordable rate.

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    • Cennyydf February 21, 17:25

      Better Council than here in Oxford. They’ve allowed 900 houses th be built on one of Oxfordshires oldest courses. It’s not the golfers greed it’s the Oxfird University s greed they own the land and stand to make millions.

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