Club wants to build driving range – to keep golfers playing the game

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams September 5, 2018 10:24

A Lancashire golf club has submitted a planning application to build a driving range – and has stated that golfers will abandon the sport if it doesn’t.

Ashton and Lea Golf Club is based in Preston where nearby Fulwood Driving Range and Golf Academy, located at Preston Grasshoppers, recently closed down.

This means Preston, which has a population of well over 100,000 people (and is embarking on a major house-building programme that will result in its population growing to nearly 150,000) and a handful of golf courses, has just one driving range, at Preston Golf Club, which itself is ‘limited due to its length’ states the club.

According to the Lancashire Post, ‘in a bid to halt the talent drain from golf clubs in the city’, Ashton and Lea has submitted a planning application to build a 14-bay range as part of a major improvement of its 12-acre practice field. ‘And the club argues there is an urgent need to have a second facility to encourage golfers to stay in the sport,’ it adds.

“The recent demise of the driving range at Preston Grasshoppers now means there is currently only one golf driving range in the city of Preston, leaving young and old potential golfers nowhere to start or continue their healthy, rewarding and enjoyable golfing experiences,” says the planning statement. “This remaining range is located at Preston Golf Club and its use is limited due to its length.

“This inevitably results in more proficient golfers moving to other clubs, or leaving the sport altogether. Outside Preston the nearest ranges would require parental transportation which in effect minimises access for young people.”

The club says the massive house-building programme currently underway to the north of Preston could bring an extra 21,000 people to live in the area, potentially including 3,800 new golfers. The covered range would also include a coaching bay.

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams September 5, 2018 10:24
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  1. jon September 3, 17:34

    If they really knew what they were doing, they would build a 24/7/365 indoor golf facility based on golf simulation technology and supported by some top notch F&B.

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  2. philippe September 4, 17:25

    totally agree. But not usual range, range on which everybody can have fun and play every stroke as on a course… + a 600 m2 putting green on which you can stay one hour and enjoy it !

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  3. Pete September 6, 19:52

    Here’s how to easily solve your limited range use? Use the new Hybri-flyte Range Ball developed by the Pointfive Golf Co. for all-club-use on shorter range facilities. You don’t have to reinvent the ranges you already have, just use the correct range ball. This ball offer’s the most efficient & economical way to improve the shorter practice range and reduce the long learning curve of golfers, by half. You said you wanted a rewarding & enjoyable experience for your golfers…well here it is in a new Hybrid golf ball!

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  4. Pete September 6, 20:18

    Why not try something new & effective to save your failing courses?
    The new Hybrid MD “Pro-Play” golf ball developed for shorter golf courses, enhances the par & play and course design. Offering an updated, quick-play experience, helps bring in more golfers to the struggling golf facility. (Meets US, R&A golf standards)

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