This man has been a member of his golf club for more than 82 years

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 6, 2016 14:59

A nonagenarian Norfolk golfer has broken the world record for the longest running golf club membership ever – and claims the health benefits from golf has kept him living so long.

Geoffrey Crosskill has been certified by Guinness as a world record holder for the amount of time he has been at Eaton Golf Club – 82 years and 18 days.

The 94-year-old, who plays three times a week and credits golf for being good for his health, has remained as a member since he joined the Norwich venue in 1934.

He’s delighted by the recognition but laughed: “I had nothing to do with it! My granddaughter did it all to surprise me.”

Geoffrey became a club member when he was 12, enrolled by his father, Alec, who was a club captain, and his first annual subscription was a guinea (£1.05p). But what’s kept him there all those years?

“I love Eaton,” he said. “I love it as a club, it’s very friendly and I really have enjoyed my time there.”

He plays nine-holes three times a week and added: “It’s helped me a lot health-wise. Without it I don’t think I would be here, I think it has kept me very fit.”

Geoffrey has had five holes in one during his golfing career, won a number of top club competitions and once had a handicap of nine, which has now crept up to 16.

Eaton club manager Peter Johns, a former winner of Golf Club Management’s Manager of the Year competition, remarked: “Even the outbreak of World War Two and a heart attack didn’t keep Geoffrey from his beloved Eaton Golf Club for long.

“We are very proud to have Geoffrey as a member, he is a perfect gentleman who regularly pops into the office to let me know how his round went and to find out what’s going on at the club. He and his regular golfing companion, Donald Ray, are usually finishing their nine holes at about 8.45am!”

Geoffrey isn’t the oldest regular golfer at Eaton. That honour goes to Harry Moorhouse, who will be 99 next month – but who has been a member for a mere 44 years!

Richard Flint, England Golf’s participation and club support director, said: “This is great news and we’re delighted to congratulate Geoffrey and wish him many more years of membership at Eaton.

“We work hard to promote club membership and all it offers and it’s wonderful to hear of someone who has enjoyed the friendship and fitness benefits for so long.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 6, 2016 14:59
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  1. Gail June 9, 15:35

    Nairn Dunbar Golf Club President joined 1st April 1931, so has been a playing member for over 85 years!

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