Four Norfolk clubs hit by buggy thefts in three weeks

Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham March 23, 2017 13:24

Four golf clubs in Norfolk have reported that thieves have attempted to steal batteries from their golf cars in the last three weeks.

Sources believe that the batteries have been stolen as they contain lead that can be sold for scrap.

The first theft happened at Bawburgh Golf Club where four buggies were tampered with and 24 batteries were stolen in total.

Jamie Goose, manager of the club, said that CCTV footage revealed that the gang cut the security ropes around the buggies and then stole the batteries. He added that they were on the site for 35 minutes and since the theft the club has increased security measures at the club.

Between March 7 and 8 golf buggy batteries were stolen from Swaffham Golf Club, and two days later Royal Norwich Golf Club also had batteries stolen, although at the time of press police are not linking these two incidents.

The police are linking the thefts at Bawburgh with a similar theft at Barnham Broom Golf Club on March 20, however. CCTV showed that the gang entered the complex at 12.30am and spent five hours on site until they were disturbed by an employee.

A total of 35 batteries were stolen from 25 buggies but a further 35 where found at the edge of the boundary complex where they were loading up a white VW van before they were disturbed.

Greg Hacon, head of golf at the club, said that thousands of pounds worth of damage has been done and they were heightening their security measures.

“The buggies are secured behind metal fencing and they climbed over the fence, tampered with the buggies and then pulled out the batteries,” he said.

“Our buggies are going to be out of action for eight weeks and we have increased security across the entire golf and hotel complex with patrols and we are installing night vision cameras.”

In what is almost a certainly a separate incident, another English golf club was also attacked by vandals in the last week.

Queensbury Golf Club near Bradford targeted by three people on quad bikes on March 18, who caused £10,000 of damage to two greens.

Club secretary Richard Guest said: “We are absolutely distraught. They have destroyed the third green. They have also damaged the second green. It could cost in the region of £10,000 to repair.

“The third green will have to be completely relaid. Both greens are out of commission and in two weeks’ time the season starts.”

The club’s social and marketing chairman, Nigel Brunt, wrote on Facebook: “We would like to thank the brainless idiots who thought it would be fun to drive around Queensbury Golf Club on quad bikes causing serious damage to a number of the greens.

“Nearly 200 local people enjoy playing at the club and will now be penalised over the coming months due to this pointless selfish act! Not to mention how much time and money it will take the club to repair the damage.”

Mr Guest added: “I would say the third green is out of action for a minimum of six months. I don’t think we will play on it again this year.

“The second green, we might be able to play on it soon. They are rutted. They have been spinning around on them. They have rutted everything up.

“I am absolutely distraught, especially with all the hard work that has gone into the course by the grounds’ staff. It is soul-destroying.”


Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham March 23, 2017 13:24
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  1. Neil March 24, 19:41

    Do not despair!
    If you get on with it you could repair it with turf from the edge or maybe buying.Once laid take a turf iron to it and you can play straightaway. People are very understanding.

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