The ‘Get into Golf’ campaign has been rebranded

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 3, 2018 13:50

The Get into Golf campaign, which has proved to be a successful way to increase participation over the last few years, has been rebranded.

A new website has been launched and the campaign is partnering with non-golfers who have large social media followings.

In fact Get into Golf has enlisted a group of social influencers from other sports who will be trying the game and reporting back to hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and other platforms.

They are health and well-being blogger Madeleine Shaw, yoga influencers Cat Meffan and Jessica Skye, cycling blogger Alec Briggs and runner Marcus Brown. They’ll be filmed as they take part in the Get into Golf experience and will push out the clips on their own channels, taking golf to new audiences.

England Golf chief executive Nick Pink said: “This is the perfect time to talk about Get into Golf [due to the Masters] and we’re very excited about the new campaign and the impact it will have on the sport.

“We’re presenting golf in a completely new way which will appeal to younger people who’ve never thought of playing or have been put off by the old image of the game.

“Clubs across the country have been getting behind the campaign and adding their activities to the Get into Golf website. Now it’s time to invite new players and improvers to come and try golf – and open up a whole new way of life.”

“Bright colours, casual clothing and the thumbs-up from social influencers will combine to show golf as fun, friendly – and welcoming to beginners and improvers,” said England Golf spokeswoman Lyndsey Hewison.

“It refreshes and modernises the image of the game and sets out to inspire people to give golf a go. The new website offers taster sessions and courses for beginners and improvers with features which make it easy for customers to find a session, book activities and pay online.

“It now has a bold, modern look which is designed to be noticed and shake up ideas about the sport.”

To visit the Get into Golf website to find and book activities go to


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 3, 2018 13:50
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  1. IanM April 5, 14:09

    I’m all for modernising the game but what happens when someone turns up at a golf club and tries to play in a lumberjack shirt or a pink leather jacket. I like the concept of the campaign but it will only work if the clubs themselves are on board with it!

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    • lemmy April 5, 14:22

      why would it be a problem if someone was wearing a pink jacket?

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      • Moorey May 10, 14:14

        Pink LEATHER Jacket! IanM makes a fair point. In marketing terms, there is a real danger of overselling or mis-selling the product. Person A sees social content from campaign, thinks “cool” I’ll try golf, goes down to the local golf club to sign up for Get Into Golf, wearing clothes that don’t meet the dress code of the club; is reprimanded by officious committee member or even just long-time member; says s*d this! and leaves – put off golf for life. Hence why Ian is right saying, great campaign idea but only if clubs are willing to support it 100% and buy in.

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