Golf club launches unique driving range lorry

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 26, 2018 15:43

A premier golf club in London has launched a new and exclusive ‘Tour Truck Experience’ – a lorry that opens on to a driving range and is described as ‘an open-to-all custom-fitting solution’.

The Grove says that it will introduce everyday golfers to tour-inspired game analysis and equipment recommendations.

State-of-the-art technology fuels the custom-fitting process in the new Tour Truck Experience

Permanently on site as part of the club’s extensive practice facilities, the pre-bookable Tour Truck Experience offers amateur golfers the opportunity to feel like a professional for the day, as they enjoy a one-to-one custom fit from a PGA-qualified technician.

Anna Darnell, director of golf and leisure at The Grove, commented: “We have always had the desire to improve our custom fitting services and take them to the next level, and having our very own tour truck gives our customers a very special experience.”

The wealth of shaft options available on the lorry will ensure each golfer is precisely fitted into their new clubs

The 11-metre long lorry, which has a side-wall that opens out and provides a hitting platform onto The Grove’s full-length driving range, features cutting-edge technologies such as TrackMan, as well as hardware support from leading brands including TaylorMade, Titleist and Mizuno.

Anna added: “Whether customers come for a bespoke club-fitting service, a golf lesson or as part of a corporate event, the Tour Truck will add to our first-class service and facilities to ensure we deliver an outstanding all-round experience, on and off our championship golf course.”

Head PGA professional, Mike Shrieve, manages the Tour Truck Experience at The Grove, and one of the first VIP visitors was the resort’s golf ambassador and European Tour star, David Howell.

David commented: “This is a fabulous new facility for customers of The Grove to fine-tune their games and their equipment choices. For this level of technology and analysis to be accessible in this way creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for all levels of player.”

The Grove’s golf ambassador and European Tour player, David Howell, was one of the first to use the new Tour Truck Experience

The Grove is situated in 300 acres of historic Hertfordshire countryside. It remains the only UK venue to have hosted a World Golf Championship event, won by Tiger Woods in 2006, and features a Kyle Phillips-designed 18-hole course, luxury five-star hotel and spa.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir June 26, 2018 15:43
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  1. Mario June 28, 15:45

    Great idea for the rich golfers. All the rest of us just struggle at the range.

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  2. Andy June 27, 10:39

    Awesome. Really neat idea.

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  3. David June 27, 05:48

    Why a truck? Bit gimmicky. Would have been better with a Golf Box from Jon Wells.

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  4. Rupert June 27, 01:52

    Clever – now why did I not think about that!

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  5. gavin June 26, 17:06

    Such a good idea!

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