This is why we converted our golf club into a six-hole venue

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 24, 2019 07:08

Phil Taylor, FPGA, is the founder of Pachesham Golf Centre in Surrey, which was originally a nine-hole golf club. Two years ago it successfully converted to six holes. Here, he explains why.

We converted our nine-hole course into a six-hole venue with no members – and we’re as busy as we ever were

I always read The Golf Business with interest and note the recent moves towards GolfSixes and quicker forms of the game.

I have been a PGA professional for over 40 years and worked at both ends of the golfing spectrum, from municipals to one of the top clubs in the country. before embarking on the facility I opened in 1989, Pachesham Golf Centre in Surrey.

Over the years I have seen many changes in the golf industry and my nine-hole facility reached over 500 members in the mid 1990s. At the time we were affiliated to the Surrey Golf Union and English Golf Union as they were then, but could see the changing trends.

Five years ago we embarked on a complete remodelling of the driving range and parts of the golf course, which is now the longest range in Surrey – over 350 yards in length with no unsightly perimeter fencing to worry about.

The golf course is now six holes with four par fours, a par three and a par five just over 2,000 yards in length. We no longer have any members and don’t run competitions, preferring to give people of all standards the opportunity to play a full length course but in a fraction of the time. Our strapline being ‘6 holes in 60 minutes’.

We re-launched in 2017 and although it has taken some time to get golfers used to the concept, we are now as busy with casual golfers as when we had 500 members!

We no longer pay annual affiliation fees although England Golf continues to promote what we specialise in at more traditional golf clubs. We are very flexible on dress codes and work on being a friendly and welcoming facility to all. We also have two holes on each green, a traditional 4.25 inch hole as well as a six inch hole, which has proven very popular with the youngsters and less competent golfers, as it speeds up play.

For more information, visit our website – the golf industry will continue to change and we have proven that thinking outside of the traditional box is one of the ways forward.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 24, 2019 07:08
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  1. Seve November 30, 17:34

    While I agree the ball must be made to fly shorter, the golf authorities are not doing it – so golf is actually dying – the R and A are cowards

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  2. Chris July 29, 11:03

    Great idea, but I’d expect nothing less from Phil!

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  3. Chris M July 29, 09:03

    Problem is what can you charge

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  4. Mark July 19, 11:47

    Delighted the short form concept is working commercially for you. Be great to learn more

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  5. Angus July 19, 11:38

    This will be happening more frequently for the benefit of the game. Thanks for sharing ️‍♂️️‍♀️
    #golfers #golf #golflessons #golfinstruction #businessopportunity #golfcourses #golfranges #golfcoaching #golfrange #golfclubs

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  6. Pete USA July 18, 21:13

    Not so fast! You should be busier that ever before stuffing just 6 holes. Here’s the trouble with the 6 hole traditional configuration, it’s limited in scope, design practicality and open to fewer golfers.

    Now consider the 9 hole course converted into an 18 hole Hybrid facility. Minimizes land-use, while maximizing play!

    So rather than reducing the number of holes, you reduce the scale of flight with the unique new generation Hybri-flite MD Golf Ball adding length to the play, but not to the course. Allows a full 2-3 hour round of golf in half the time with less frustration. The ball reduces safety & damage issues & floats providing a quick-play enjoyable 18 hole golfing experience.
    Keeps the modern traditional format…traditional!

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    • Seve November 30, 17:33

      While I agree the ball must be made to fly shorter, the golf authorities are not doing it – so golf is actually dying – the R and A are cowards

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  7. Wayne July 18, 17:29

    A practical, new way to generate all kinds of golfers to play six holes. Mr. Taylor has looked at the future and sees a different one from traditional 9 or 18 hole golf. Time constraints and attention span barriers are addressed with this model. Another way to enjoy golf but not a replacement to 18 hole golf. And a good driving range for those who are of the practice tribe.

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  8. Tom July 18, 17:19

    Very clever and caters for those who want to play golf but dont have the time that other people have and dont want to play in competition. It may not suit everybody but it can help to increase the numbers who play golf for recreational purposes. Best of luck to Phil. Tom

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  9. Peter July 18, 16:06

    Very smart ! Something more operators should consider ! Did I miss it ? Why not a 3 hole loop and a 6 hole loop ? Something more should look into as means of more revenue, more golfers and more excitement about the game ! Great success !

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