Optical Express founder makes bid to buy top golf club

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 18, 2019 05:08

The man who founded the Optical Express chain has submitted an offer to acquire the long-term lease of Cawder Golf Club in Scotland.

According to The Herald, David Moulsdale, a former member of the club, has submitted the offer to current landowner Derwent of London.

The club, states the paper, has issued a circular to members that Moulsdale’s proposal would not lead to the estate ‘being used for commercial or residential developments’ and that his intention is to invest in the estate, build a golf academy and to put the club ‘at the centre of his plans to create a resurgence of golf in Scotland.’

The email states: ‘He has also stated that, if successful, he will grant the club an extended rent free period to allow us to improve our financial position.

‘The process is at a very early stage and at this time, we have no indication of Derwent’s position regarding the offer.’

Moulsdale is described in the email to Cawder Golf Club members as an ‘active philanthropist in the Scottish and international community’. The message notes that he was ‘under no obligation to inform the club of his actions and could have progressed to dealing with Derwent directly.’

It adds: ‘David has agreed to meet with the membership to outline his plans for the development of the estate at a time sympathetic to Derwent’s consideration of his bid. He and the club understand that there is no possibility of the land on the Cawder estate being used for commercial or residential developments and that there is no likelihood of this changing in the near future.

‘The club is protected by a long term lease, the latest iteration of which runs until 2041 and therefore any change of ownership would not affect our ability to continue to operate as a club under our existing terms and conditions.’

UPDATE: According to press reports, Derwent London has rejected David Moulsdale’s offer to buy Cawder Golf Club.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 18, 2019 05:08
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  1. Peter September 13, 17:41

    Hope he can “see” what he’s getting into ! Sorry, just couldn’t resist !

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