Is golf an expensive hobby?

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 12, 2020 08:02

The beginnings of golf date back to the 15th century Scotland, where it was a posh sport played by aristocrats.

What’s more, golf was at first reserved only for men, as the very name comes from the abbreviation ‘Gentlemen Only – Women Forbidden’. Later on, golf became popularised all over Europe, and now it has thousands of fans and passionate players.

However, some people worry that as golf seems to require a lot of equipment, it may be an expensive sport. But in fact, it is possible to find relatively cheap equipment of good quality and become a golf player without much effort. Since coronavirus restrictions are easing –  some English courses are going to reopen. Now it’s time for you to prepare. Below you’ll find suggestions for starting the golf adventure without ruining your budget.

Choosing golf equipment

Like every sports equipment, tools needed to play golf vary in price and quality. The choice of a perfect club and ball may be challenging, but with a few tips, it becomes easier.

First, try to find an experienced golf player – if you don’t know anyone passionate about this sport, try to look for in local clubs or even online – they will be knowledgeable about the equipment parameters and can suggest a few things. Plan your budget so that you know how much you can spend.

Remember that it’s always good to choose simple, cheaper equipment at the beginning because you can never be sure if you’ll actually enjoy the sport and continue playing it.

Keeping an eye on discounts

Monitoring possible discounts is a good way to reduce the costs of almost everything, including a sports hobby. Golf playing won’t be that expensive if you find potential bargains, for example, when it comes to equipment. Check out golf shops’ offers regularly – that will allow you to find a perfect golf club or balls that won’t cost much. T.  Also, buying a golf course carnet can be cheaper in colder months or when the weather conditions are not perfect.

Finding a golf course

Golf courses are usually run or rented by different golf clubs. Just find a club that’s in your neighbourhood and check the prices. Typically golf clubs also offer special training in which experienced players will show you how to play. It’s then good to include the cost of a few hours of training in your golf budget. Check the available discounts for new players or negotiate the price by buying a few lessons at once. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a lot to join a golf club. Some of them offer membership for as low as £1. You will have to pay a full rate for every round you play though.

Choosing online instructions

If you want to save up a little, it would be a good idea to find golf training online. There are lots of videos and online webinars that show how to play golf and what to start with. Online resources can make preparing for golf a lot cheaper, but sometimes nothing can replace real one-to-one training. However, it’s an alternative to consider for online-sport lovers.

Playing in a team

If you decide to rent a golf course with a group of friends, it may become a lot cheaper. There are usually discounts for groups. Additionally, when you find buddies to take up a new hobby, you can exchange the equipment to minimise the costs. Team training can also be less expensive than the individual workout.

Building a private golf course

Building a private golf course may seem quite a challenge, but it’s possible if you have a big garden or area near your house. Then, you don’t need to bother about golf clubs’ fees, and you’ll be able to play whenever and how long you want. The costs of arranging a private golf course can be relatively high, but when you engage your friends to share some of the costs, it doesn’t have to be that pricey!

Planning your outfit

Golf players tend to be fancy-dressed and elegant looking when they wear their brand new, white outfits. But in fact, you don’t need to spend a fortune for playing golf. It’s enough if you find simple shorts, a polo t-shirt and a pair of trainers. All of these can be bought in almost every sports shop or a simple chain store. Remember, though, that it’s good to invest in good-quality shoes for playing golf. They should be breathable and made of sustainable material. It’s also reasonable to buy a cap which will protect you from the sun on the course.

As you can see, playing golf is no longer a posh hobby reserved only for the rich or celebrities. Almost everyone can afford it by looking for bargains, choosing cheaper equipment and clothing alternatives, or buying a few golf lessons at once. If you hesitate, contacting professional golf players or club owners may be the best option. Many online shops also have experts who advise how to take up this hobby without great expense. Keeping all the tips in mind, you can enjoy the new sport freely.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 12, 2020 08:02
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  1. Tony October 25, 00:40

    Golf does not have to be expensive but if you listen to all the marketing being pushed at you, it can be. So beware.

    Someone starting off can get a perfectly serviceable set of second-hand clubs from a golf professional’s store but it would benefit them a lot if they were custom fitted for them as well, just to make sure the clubs are not going to contribute to swing faults that will be hard to rectify later.

    Going to a custom clubmaker is an even better option, as they can build you a set of clubs from less expensive components than the big brand-name clubs, but which will function at least as well.

    These services do cost money but if you save on the other side by buying second-hand or by using cheaper components you come out of it with a good set of clubs that will allow you to learn the game pretty effectively.

    Then, as you improve, you can always trade up, but don’t go spending a thousand or more without getting good advice at the start.

    Regards, Tony.

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