Golf club goes back into lockdown just three weeks after reopening

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 28, 2020 06:45

A golf club in Staffordshire has temporarily closed after a member tested positive for coronavirus – just 20 days after it had reopened due to the lockdown.

According to the Stoke Sentinel, Alsager Golf Club, which, because it is one of only two golf clubs in the UK to only have a clubhouse and not a course, only reopened on July 4, nearly two months after most golf clubs in England reopened. It took the ‘difficult’ decision to shut following a confirmed case of coronavirus among its members, it said.

Alsager Golf Club. Image from Facebook

The club closed on July 24 but on July 27 announced it would reopen on July 28.

Plus, to add to the confusing nature of this story, Alsager Golf and Country Club, which is also in Stoke and does have a golf course, and goes by the name ‘Alsager Golf Club’ on Facebook, has posted on social media that it is not affected by this outbreak and has not closed.

Writing on Facebook, the closed golf club said on July 24: “Unfortunately, due to a recent case of a member contracting Covid-19, we have made a very difficult decision to close the club again for hopefully a short period.

“This has not been an easy decision and certainly has not been taken lightly, but given recent events, one we feel prudent to protect both our members and staff until we receive further guidance.”

On July 27, it posted this update: “Following our recent temporary closure and after seeking advice from Public Health England we are now set to reopen on 28th July.

“Based on their guidance, we have conducted a thorough deep clean and are confident we’ve followed all required procedures.

“We’d like to reasssure all our members that the premises are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis and hygiene is very high on our priorities. We have always, and will continue to treat staff and members safety with the utmost importance.

“Can we remind all members, staff and guests to be vigilant and to not attend if they show any symptoms. Anyone who knows they have been in close contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19 should stay at home based on the government guidelines for the required period unless they can provide evidence of a negative test.

“We thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we’ve carried out any necessary measures.

“We will reopen at 5pm on Tuesday 28th July and will look forward to welcoming you back.”

Alsager Golf Club was formed in 1909 as a nine-hole golf club. It relocated in 1921, also as a nine-hole venue. However, its lease was terminated in the 1950s and the club lost control of the course – but as its clubhouse was not included in this transaction, it has been a private members’ golf club with no golf course for several decades now.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 28, 2020 06:45
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  1. djm July 30, 12:21

    I use only data here which is unchallenged by the government, this is not about politics but common sense. Let us accept there are 560,000 NHS front line medical staff, (their numbers not mine). Let us assume the Covid-19 testing programme tests them all, a not unreasonable assumption given time. Let us also assume 1,000 are carriers, a very small estimate but stay with me. Assume also there is a 1% error with false positive testing, a % unchallenged at this stage by medical science. The NHS HR departments then have approximately 6590 ‘carriers’ registered on their files,(I allow for unseen adjustments). The track & trace system shows these health professionals each have ten listed ‘contacts’ within the NHS. Hardly stretching my point am I? No unreasonable assumptions so far? The mandatory fortnight self isolation kicks in, heavily enforced by any public sector organisation one might imagine. So circa 55,900 health professionals are now at home totally unnecessarily……

    We might assume the NHS health professionals are under 60 (just for the sake of argument) & presume they are fit or they wouldn’t be at work. The NHS’s own figures confirm only 300 have died as a direct result of Covid-19 out of the UK population of 52 million, (1,700 out of 65 million in total of all ages)

    Do you, the jury believe taking 55,900 health professionals out of service for a mortality risk lower than the chance of them having a serious road accident on the way to work?

    I accept the safest option is the much loved State/MSM precautionary principle would be for us all to hide under the stairs at home & never come out.

    This is where we are today & the quango Golf England is complicit in the fraud.

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  2. Graham D July 28, 12:48

    It’s good to know that the person with coronavirus actually owned up. If they hadn’t things could be worse. Hope other people take note about this.

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