At least three more clubhouses close for Covid-19 deep cleans

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 25, 2020 06:49

At least three UK golf clubs have closed their clubhouses for periods of up to 72 hours in the last few days, after members who had been in them either tested positive for Covid-19 or had failed to self-isolate when they were meant to.

Silverknowes Golf Club in Edinburgh closed for three days for a deep clean after it emerged that a member had entered the clubhouse having just been on holiday in Spain.

The club was made aware that the member had not observed new quarantine rules of self-isolating for two weeks.

A spokesperson said: “We had a member of the club enter the clubhouse and walk through the clubhouse.

“We found out this morning that this member had returned from Spain recently and should have been isolating for the 14 days.

“Due to this we took the decision to close the clubhouse as we felt we had a duty of care to our members and staff to close, sanitise the clubhouse and to remain closed for 72 hours.

“We would like to make it clear that this individual is not and has not shown any symptoms and we decided ourselves to close and sanitise the clubhouse.”

Meanwhile, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, members of Westerhope Golf Club have been advised to get tested after a member tested positive for Covid-19.

Staff sent out an email confirming the coronavirus scare.

A member who is thought to have picked up the virus in a pub visited the golf club last week.

In the email, the club said: “We were advised by a member this afternoon that he had tested positive for Covid-19, he did not contract the virus from the golf club. It is believed he may have contracted it from a public house visited last weekend.

“The member played Wednesday 19th August, and visited the club between 14.00 and 14.40. His playing partners have been informed and advised that they should not visit the club until they test negative.

“The bar was immediately closed and a full deep clean of our bar, toilets, landing areas entrance and exits and locker rooms undertaken.”

Staff have been tested or advised to take a test, the email said, before encouraging members to do the same: “If you have any doubt or concerns please go to the government website to book a test or you can go direct to the Great Park, Park and Ride where there is a testing facility you can get an immediate test.”

And in Bristol the clubhouse at Farrington Park Golf Club also closed for a deep clean after a member tested positive. Its golf course, gym, and pro shop remained open however.

“Due to a member testing positive for Covid-19 we have made the decision after consultation to close the clubhouse until Monday, August 24,” it said on Facebook.

“Their last visit was Tuesday, August 18, in the evening.

“Due to the nature of the business, all staff will be tested.

“Cleaners will be in to deep clean the facility before safely re-opening again.

“The golf course, gym, and pro shop will remain open. The pro shop will operate until 5pm on both days.

“Thank you for your understanding at this extremely difficult time.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 25, 2020 06:49
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  1. djm August 27, 11:25

    Covid scares…..Data from Stockholm University, “Predicted Covid-19 Fatality Rates based on Age, Sex, Comorbities & Health System Capacity”….

    Chance of surviving

    For Females with no underlying conditions
    Age range 20 – 69…………………………99.998-99.9562%

    For Females with 1 or greater underlying conditions
    Age Range 20 -69……………………….99.9466-98.7605%

    For Males with no underlying conditions
    Age Range 20-69………………………. 99.9997-99.8895%

    For Males with 1 or greater underlying conditions
    Age Range 20-69……………………… 99.9037-97.9992%

    Hardly the Black Death, is it ?

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  2. Peter August 26, 11:02

    Absent strict enforcement of rules, regulations and procedures, more will follow suit !! Clubs that either, didn’t take the virus seriously, or those who let their guard down found themselves closing, some twice !!

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  3. Tourgolfer August 25, 11:10

    My Club has been very good with the precautions but the weakest point is those members who just will not comply. On Sunday when I played I saw 4 members within 10 minutes not complying with the Mask requirements in confined spaces. Reading the article I urge the the Club involved to report the member who failed to self isolate so the appropriate fine can be issued. We need to deal with those selfish people who just wont consider others.

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