Biggest Online Slot Games Wins

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 29, 2020 16:27

Slot machines can be simple to use, they are a great deal of fun, and they’re often considered as the small cousin of the even bigger casino games such as poker and blackjack. Nevertheless, despite their excellent reputation it’s not so easy to win big on online slot games. It can be done, though. Many people have done so, and some of these prizes have been life changing. 

Online Progressive Jackpots

If you look at the story of jackpot prizes, the large prizes given out by the renowned casinos in Las Vegas will pale into nothingness when you compare them with the prizes that can be won in progressive jackpots. In reality, the world record for the biggest prize ever paid out on an internet slot game was given to Jon Heywood, a man from the UK who won an impressive £13.2million when playing Mega Moolah – the name does appear to say it all. 

After that there’s the anonymous Australian player that scooped a whopping $10.4million (AUS) participating in the Dark Knight slot. Regrettably, despite being such a huge payer, the game has must be shut down since there was licensing issues. Fortunately for the Australian, although, they could seize their prize before this happened! 

There are also some slots which have a minimum pay out of one million, and since January of 2017, they have given that prize to 12 folks. 

Las Vegas Megabucks

Online slots are incredible, and they are the simplest way to enjoy these fantastic activities, but when it comes to large payers, you cannot overlook the Megabucks slots placed in Las Vegas. These openings are in fact state operated, and that is uncommon, though it will help boost the prize fund since they’re almost all connected and you will find 700 of them in Nevada. The progressive linked jackpot can ramp up to dizzying heights. 

The very first (but not the very last time) the Megabucks jackpot went more than $20 million was in 1998. It paid out $27.5 million, and the original stake was merely $300 which, though is a great deal of cash to pay in a single go in a slot game, was definitely a great buy in this situation! Merely one year later on, there was an even far more thrilling win. Although the jackpot was small ($21million), it had been paid out for a $10 stake. This took place in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. 

The largest ever Megabucks win in history was won by an anonymous person in the USA. We just are aware he was a coder from LA, and he wagered 100 dollars on a game of Excalibur in 2003. The prize was $39.7 million that, because the casino could not pay for it all at once, was paid out at $1.5million annually for 25 years instead. Maybe that’s really a far better way to enjoy the money; you won’t spend it all at once and your income is guaranteed!


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 29, 2020 16:27
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