How to reach more potential customers using social media

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 26, 2020 13:11

In the third of her articles on how golf clubs can improve their marketing on social media, Lily Hymes looks at proven techniques to get more followers – including potential customers – online.

The main aim of any marketing activity is to reach more customers, and just as importantly, the right customers. This month, I’m going to talk you through how you can do this using your social media channels, so let’s dive right in!

Be social

Social media platforms favour ‘great social media users’ and one of the most important activities to undertake in order to be a great user and in turn reach more potential customers is to be social! Social media is called that for a reason, so follow, like and comment on other people’s content. Appreciate, share and have an opinion. Social media algorithms encourage genuine, positive behaviours on the platforms such as sharing, showing appreciation, quick replies and more.

I’d suggest following local businesses or venues you admire, news outlets, players and bloggers as well as brands that inspire you and create fantastic content. If you like someone else’s content, tell them! Have a question? Ask it! Found a great piece of news relevant to your business? Share it! These things are important elements of successful social media and the platforms will love you for it!

Engagement is key

Social media platforms don’t just favour great social media users; they also favour accounts with high engagement. You may wonder what I mean by this. I’ll explain…

The way social media algorithms work is by putting your posts in a pool as small as one percent of your followers. If those people engage with the content, then it’s introduced into a larger pool. Slowly but surely, more and more people see it, but only if it’s engaging.

How do you ensure your content is engaging?

Sharing valuable content (as opposed to promotional) is key. Sales focussed content is important for your business, but tends to be less popular. You could use the 80/20 balance here. Eighty percent of your content should be useful, educational, motivational and so on, while 20 percent can promote your venue.

As well as this, ask questions, reply to comments, talk to your followers, reach out to them and keep the conversation going to increase engagement! Remember to keep it friendly and professional, as your social media accounts are an extension of your business.

Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag

Hashtags are all about getting you seen, so use relevant and popular hashtags on all of your Instagram and Twitter posts (you don’t need to for Facebook). You may want to use a mixture of ‘trend’ hashtags (such as #FridayFeeling), industry hashtags (such as #GolfClub) and location hashtags (such as #Manchester).

For Instagram, it’s possible to use up to 30 hashtags per post, but there is an argument that 11 hashtags is the optimal number, and can seem less ‘spammy’. I would recommend using 11 or more.

Hold competitions

Competitions are a great way to get new followers and expand your reach. I’d recommend setting up no more than one competition per quarter, with a great prize on offer. You can run the competition across all your channels. In order to enter, encourage your followers to tag a friend / a group of friends – this raises awareness of your page to similar consumers, who may also follow the page / enter the competition – you could even state that the entire group must follow in order to enter.

It’s in the timing

Posting at the right times is very important. Why? The platforms will push your content to more followers if your initial engagement (in the first hour or so) is good. So check your insights (Instagram) to find out when your followers are online, or post at recommended times for the sector, for example, one recommended time for food-related posts is around midday on Fridays (Facebook and Instagram), whereas for your Linkedin business posts, first thing Wednesday mornings are considered best.

Social media advertising

For campaigns where you’re looking to reach a specific audience, for example newly engaged couples for the wedding season, or a specific age range for a membership section, social media advertising is perfect and doesn’t necessarily need a huge budget. You can also use adverts to increase your page following, link to a specific offer on your website, generate leads and much more. If you’re unsure about advertising, I would recommend starting off with a small budget or using a social media expert.

Promote your channels

Everywhere that your venue has a presence should also showcase your social media platforms: on your website, in your clubhouse, on your business cards, flyers, posters, listings, your email signature, anywhere you can think of!

Don’t forget, you can also cross-promote your social media profiles. Turn your Facebook likes into Twitter followers and vice-versa. You want your presence to be known everywhere, which will ultimately grow your organic reach.

Let me know if you found this advice useful by dropping me a note on In my next article, I’ll be sharing various content ideas so that you’re never struggling for inspiration!

Bounce back

The importance of social media in business is more prominent than ever and never more so than in the wake of Covid-19. Jumping on the social media bandwagon is no longer a matter of choice, or a luxury, if your business is to succeed.

Download my latest free ebook here to find out how social media could help you bounce back post Covid-19:


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 26, 2020 13:11
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    Reaching your audience on social media is essential if you truly want to make the best use of these platforms.

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  2. Gareth November 30, 12:36

    94,000 golfers within 20 miles of London on Facebook alone.

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