98% of golfers say the game improves their mental health

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir December 19, 2020 08:13

A new survey has found that almost all golfers believe the game improves their mental health.

The Golf Travel Centre poll found 98 percent of respondents said the game improves their mental health and 98 percent said it helps to relieve stress.

Conducted against the backdrop of Covid-19, 88 percent of golfers said the pandemic had prevented them from playing golf during 2020.

The survey shows how social the game can be as well, as 92 percent said that golf allows them to meet new people, 81 percent said that they have relied on playing golf this year in order to see friends and family and 69 percent said that it is important for them to spend time after a round of golf in the bar and / or clubhouse.

When surveyed why individuals choose to play golf, 35 percent said it was to improve their overall wellbeing.

The figures follow a poll of 250 golfers from two months ago, that found that more than half (55 percent) of people who joined a golf club this year cited ‘mental wellbeing’ as their primary reason for joining.

Sean Gay, founder of Sober Golfers Society, a society connecting like minded-people who no longer drink through golf days, golf tours and tournaments, comments: “Golf is the most powerful therapy for men and women to talk about problems in an open and friendly setting. You can’t beat walking for four hours in nature, having a laugh, playing golf with fellow club members and just having a release from that exhausting week at work. It’s been huge in my sobriety as I really enjoy my time on the course with no hangovers or chaos going on in the background in my life.

“The best mental health advice I can give is, if you are struggling – listen up men in particular! – then speak up about it. Society used to condition men to think they needed to be these strong individuals who couldn’t show weakness, but asking for help is the strongest thing you can do. If you suffer with mental health, playing golf is a great way to start that process as you can let it all out over 18 holes!”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir December 19, 2020 08:13
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  1. A Myers December 30, 13:43

    The 2% left are still waiting for tee times.

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  2. Fagan December 24, 18:56

    I agree with this. I once had a mentor explain to me why he was playing golf everyday at 90 years old. It had everything to do with his health mental and physical. He said that all of his friends that did not play golf after retirement could barely move around. The ones that played were by and large healthier and certainly had better mobility later in their years.
    This guy was a wealth of info. Played with him a few times but his impact was lifelong. #golflife

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  3. NickB December 22, 17:29

    80% of Golf is Mental and 20% is in the head!

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  4. GLawes December 21, 17:56

    Following my experiences of Lockdown in 2020 there is no doubt!

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  5. DeborahB December 20, 20:55

    This is so very true for those of us who already enjoy the game. It is definitely needed,and one we hope will have a positive impact on those who have found their own golf game in 2020, no matter the level at which they play! ⛳️

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  6. Degembe JP December 20, 20:01

    Another study show ones more the benefits that golf brings to your wellbeing.

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  7. Graham D December 20, 16:35

    It only goes south when you miss a birdie!

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  8. Currie December 20, 10:11

    100% especially after this year

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  9. Lambe December 20, 07:23

    absolutely we all know the value the game brings to our well being

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