Types of golf clubs every new player should have

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick January 24, 2021 20:44

If you’ve just started with golf and you’re ready to purchase your first set of clubs, then you probably know that there are many types out there to choose from. Golf is indeed an interesting sport, but the variety of clubs available in the market can be overwhelming.

Many players, including intermediate and professional ones, still get confused when choosing a new club. That’s why, before buying your first set, you should know about all the types of clubs out there and the differences between them. Here’s a complete guide to all types of golf clubs beginners should have.

Ignore the make and model

If you’re into the game and you love to watch golf professionals playing, you might think that purchasing the same golf clubs will improve your skills. However, you might find that these brands don’t manufacture suitable clubs for you. Buying the same make and model as a professional can impact your skills and you may not be able to improve as you should. These golf clubs are made for professionals based on their size, weight, and physical condition, and they’re not suitable for everyone. Instead, you can purchase one that matches your requirements and level. The make and model will not help you improve, but the right golf club will.

Types of golf clubs


Although the name indicates that it’s made of wood, wood clubs are actually made from steel or titanium, and sometimes iron. Many years ago, the head was made of wood, but that is no longer the case. Now, the wood clubs, including the driver golf club, are made from lightweight materials that allow for an easy swing.  The main purpose of using a wood club or a driver is to hit the ball as far as you can. It’s usually made from titanium and carbon, which makes the club lighter than others so you can easily swing it. There are different shapes when it comes to the head of the driver. The square-shaped head is the most common one because it assists the players to align and visualize the line of the shot. When searching for the ideal driver, you will find that some of them are not made of titanium, and they’re as good as the titanium and carbon ones, if not better.

Driving irons are a mix of traditional hybrids and long irons. They’re heavier than regular drivers, but they fulfill the same purpose. A driving iron allows the players to hit the ball high and far. The golf enthusiasts at https://redbirdiegolf.com/best-driving-iron/ recommend getting your driving iron from one of the top name brands to ensure that it’s made from high-quality material. This club type is mainly for intermediate players or beginners who have a fast swing. If you still have a slow swing, it’s better to stick to the traditional hybrid.


Irons have smaller and more solid heads than wood and they’re extremely thin when compared to wood clubs. Irons usually come in numbered sets from 3-iron to 9-iron, along with the pitching wedge and sand wedge. The 3-iron is for low but long shots and can work perfectly for short shots as well. The pitching wedge is for 50-degree short and long shots, while the sand wedge is for 56-degree short shots. The higher the club number, the further it will go. Irons are usually made from steel, but there are more expensive options like graphite. As a beginner, it’s better to stick to steel, and as you improve you can change to graphite.


A Hybrid club is a mix between wood and iron, and they’re numbered like iron. Hybrid is ideal for golfers who find it hard to use the iron clubs, and they’re considered a good replacement for iron. Hybrid is perfect for beginners as they allow you to learn new techniques and develop your skills without spending a lot of money on a whole set. However, the hybrid is not the perfect club to stick with throughout your improvement. Once you start to improve, you should switch to iron and wood.


The final club is the putter, a must for your short game. While we always recommend investing in quality, a putter is more about what you like and how the club feels when you use it. Try out some in a golf store, using their artificial putting green, and see which one brings you the most success.

Now that you know all types of golf clubs out there, it’s time for you to choose the perfect set for you based on your budget and skills. You must ensure that the set you’re going to buy is intended for beginners, and avoid getting golf clubs designed for advanced players when you’re still learning. Each level has its own set of clubs, which means that once you improve, you will change your golf clubs and purchase ones that match your skills, and so on until you become a professional player. So, don’t purchase the most expensive set for beginners; instead, get a budget-friendly one that is still high-quality.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick January 24, 2021 20:44
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