What carpet is best for our clubhouse?

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 5, 2021 11:42

Carpet is an integral part of any design scheme. But before getting into the creative decisions around design and colour scheme, do you need tufted, Axminster or Wilton? Each with different properties and price points; understanding what they offer will help achieve the right aesthetic and lifetime value.


Constructed on a giant sewing machine which starts with the backing, then punches the yarn into the backing with 1,200 needles, each threaded with a single colour yarn. It can be loop pile, if the face loops are left as they are, or if you shear the yarn, you create cut pile, more common in commercial settings as it’s easier to clean. Tufted carpet offers smaller-scale patterns.


  • Perfect for lower footfall zones; meeting and break-out spaces, corridors, changing rooms
  • Smaller-scale and textured design
  • Key price offer
  • Swift turnaround

Woven carpet – Axminster

The most common woven carpet, Axminster offers superb durability and great value. This loom selects individually coloured yarn, cuts it and inserts it as a U-shaped piece into the carpet where needed for the design. The process allows great pattern flexibility, making it the carpet of choice for complex and large scale design.

For many projects, the cost of a completely bespoke design can be prohibitive, so some carpet manufacturers offer a semi-bespoke, or ready to weave service, where a library design can be adapted to your own colours from a stock colour palette.


  • Best long life value for high traffic venues
  • Great flexibility of design
  • Superior underfoot comfort
  • Swift turnaround
  • Outstanding soil-hiding properties
  • Perfect for: conference and event spaces, restaurants & bars, reception areas


Also named after the town where the process originated, Wilton weave carpets are made by continuous threads raised above the surface of the backing by hooks, making it the most enduring of carpets. The surface can be finished in a variety of ways – cut, loop (commonly referred to as Brussels weave) and a combination of both cut and loop to create an integral pattern. Made in up to five colours, so capable of reproducing simple patterns, wilton carpets are exceptionally hardwearing and stable, making them ideal in narrow-width applications such as corridors, walkways and halls. Used in the most prestigious, specialist venues, requiring the pinnacle of durable luxury.


  • Highest durability
  • Creative options for cut and loop pile design
  • Narrow width
  • Perfect for: Historic and heritage spaces, specialist venues


If you want to chat with one of the country’s leading manufacturers about a technical matter, or for some friendly advice and options, the team at Wilton are always on hand. We’d be delighted to offer support and information.



01722 746 000


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 5, 2021 11:42
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