Another torched car found on a Dundee golf course

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir January 18, 2022 12:17

For at least the third time in the last year, an abandoned burnt-out car has been found on a golf course in Dundee.

Last winter the wreckage of a vehicle was found discarded in a bunker on the third hole at Camperdown Golf Course, while in September a burnt-out vehicle was left next to Caird Park after the car had been driven over it.

Now another torched vehicle has been found at the municipal Caird Park again.

Members of the club say efforts to prevent such incidents have fallen short and branded signs aimed at deterring vandals as “puny” and “less than useless”.

The signs have gone up at the golf course after months of anger and upset at damage caused to fairways and greens by youths on dirt bikes and quad bikes.

Erected recently by Dundee City Council, the signs warn that motorbikes used in an “antisocial or criminal way” on the course could be seized.

Golfers are now demanding that more effective steps are taken to stop the vandalism continuing into another year.

Tom Alexander, 76, who has played at the course for more than 60 years, said he was horrified at the “puny attempt” to warn off would-be vandals.

The latest abandoned car to be found at Caird Park in Dundee. Image from Facebook

Tom, who acts as a spokesperson for golfers at the club, said: “This must be some kind of joke. Does the council really believe that these signs will have any effect in preventing young lads on bikes and quads coming on to the course and wreaking havoc?

“We have had months and months of damage and we have been asking for something to be done for ages.

“What we need is more CCTV and constant surveillance so that these vandals can be caught as soon as they start.

“These little signs aren’t going to stop anyone.”

He added: “In recent weeks there has been even more damage with the 14th and 16th fairways in particular being targeted.

“There is lots of damage caused by motorbikes but more recently there has been a quad bike making a real mess.

“At the weekend a car was torched on the 12th fairway and just left.

“We are desperate for something proper to be put in place to prevent this.

“We have had enough. Something needs to happen before we get back into the golfing season properly again.

“We keep getting told that action is being taken but still the damage keeps on happening so it’s clearly not enough.”

A Leisure & Culture Dundee spokesman said: “These latest incidents have been reported to Police Scotland.

“Dundee City Council in partnership with Leisure & Culture Dundee has installed signage as an additional deterrent to prevent damage and we will continue to work with partners to find further solutions.”

Last summer it was revealed that employees at Caird Park had started wearing body cameras after a spate of vandalism and abuse.

This followed workers being targeted on several occasions after trying to stop bikers tearing up greens.

The charred wreck of a car was also left next to the first tee at Vale of Llangollen Golf Club in Denbighshire, Wales last autumn.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir January 18, 2022 12:17
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  1. HowMoneyWorks January 19, 12:15

    I’ve heard of people throwing their club, maybe a whole bag in the ditch. How bad a round could you possibly have to burn the car you came to the course in? Relax people! Have a cold one at the 19th hole.

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  2. Cosmic Driving Range January 19, 10:04

    DANG dude does anything good happen in the UK??

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