Staffordshire golf course could close due to lack of use

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 11, 2022 13:30

A municipal golf course in Staffordshire could be closed down because not enough people use it – despite the participation surge in the last two years.

Beacon Park is a public park in the centre of Lichfield, which includes an 18-hole, par three golf course that opened in 1973, as well as a footgolf course and a disc golf course, which both opened in 2017.

Lichfield District Council has said current usage of the facilities could see them removed and the land used for alternative activities.

The council claims that the three golf facilities combined see just 8,000 uses each year – an average of around 20 a day.

It said changes could see more people able to use the area of Beacon Park where the course currently sits.

Councillor Iain Eadie, cabinet member for leisure, said: “Beacon Park is an amazing green space and a great resource to help keep our residents healthy and active.

“What is happening currently is that over a third of the park is only being used by a handful of people.

“Should we look at things like community gardens, orchards, rewilding or things like tree top rope courses and zip lines?

“We really want to hear what people would like to do [via a survey], so that the whole of Beacon Park can be used more.”

However, some local people took to social media to voice their opposition to any move to make changes, with some stating that the golf courses have been poorly managed and suffered from a lack of investment, some stating that more than 20 people a day use them – they just don’t pay, and others expressing concern that the green area will end up being built on.

‘You only see 20 people per day because most of the time the booth isn’t open to pay for golf, and some people just don’t pay. And it’s not just about golf, it’s also nice as a park. Perhaps run the golf course better? Advertising, being open when you say you will be, running competition days,’ wrote one.

‘Last time I walked around the golf course much of it was knee deep in water due to flooding,’ wrote another.

‘There are far more than 20 people a day using a third of Beacon Park! That is just the number who pay for playing golf. What about the many more who enjoy the peaceful walks and value the variety of trees alongside the allotments and peace garden? There is also the quality of life of those with homes alongside it to consider. This amenity should not be lost to concrete, paving or tarmac but hopefully kept as a natural but maintained area for everyone,’ wrote a third person.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 11, 2022 13:30
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  1. PG February 15, 20:35

    It’s an 18 hole pitch & putt with footgolf

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