A brief guide to casino tipping etiquette

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick April 10, 2023 11:07

We bet you have tipped cab drivers, bartenders, and waiters/waitresses at least once before, but casino staff members are often ones left without tips at all. It’s unclear how much to tip in a casino because the rules of it are murky and some even believe that tipping isn’t necessary in gambling.

Contrary to first impressions, casino tipping is relatively easy. This article offers you a guide to tipping etiquette at your preferred place.

Consider This When Tipping at a Casino

In casino etiquette, tipping has one main rule: tip using the same currency you are gambling with. If the table requires manual cash payment, the dealer should be tipped using cash only.

You can use the chips as tips if you’re playing a table game. Remember that the individual with whom you are interacting is an actual person and that your tipping etiquette expresses your appreciation for the good service. Make sure to initiate conversation and treat the other individual with respect. Other factors to consider include the following:

  • Type of game you are playing
  • Location 
  • Currency used when gambling
  • The casino staff who has helped you

Should You Leave a Tip at an Online Casino?

Online gambling’s meteoric rise challenges the question if tipping is a must. In fact, it can be either prohibited or not anticipated in some gambling halls. Yet, even if you play in an online live dealer casino, you can tip dealers anyway.

Always double-check the rules of the game before tipping. For instance, if you’re playing at an online casino no deposit bonus free spins Australia, and the dealer has gone above and beyond to make your online poker experience one to remember, your tip should reflect your appreciation for the dealer.

International Guide to Tipping

Knowing how much to leave in certain situations might be confusing because (unfortunately) there is no generally accepted tipping protocol. Check how tipping customs vary around the globe:

Australia and New Zealand

The Sydney Opera House has long been the city’s most popular tourist destination. However, several modern and luxurious gambling venues have opened, drawing in tens of thousands of people annually.

The gaming industries in both Australia and New Zealand have undergone significant shifts in recent decades, yet fundamentals remain the same. It is not required to give a tip in either of these nations. This is due to the high salaries enjoyed by the region’s dealers and service professionals.

Tipping casino employees, especially in land-based establishments in Australia, is illegal. This is because the government views it as a kind of bribery that could call into question the honesty and fairness of the industry.


It’s a good idea to have some extra cash to tip the dealers and other service staff if you go to a casino in the United States. Have bills of varied values on hand so that you can provide valuable tips to everyone who helps you out that night.

Dealers can be tipped in various ways, including placing a side bet on their behalf. If you’re unsure how to proceed, consult a dealer at your location.

Europe and UK

While gambling has always been popular in the UK, it wasn’t until recently that players adopted the tipping culture. British gamblers rarely provide a tip for dealers even though this is now permitted.

It is generally understood that tipping is optional but not required at casinos across Western Europe. Countries where tipping is more common include France, Germany, and the Netherlands. If you want to avoid coming across as too much of a showoff in these countries, it’s usually acknowledged that you should only leave a tip of 5%.

Image from Pexels


The annual gambling revenue in Macau is recognised globally. The trend toward ever-increasing casino size and sophistication is here to stay. Like most entertainment spots in China, the casino tacks on a 10% service charge to customer tabs.

In other words, you shouldn’t feel obligated to leave a tip if you’ve dined here or used the bar. Tipping is not typical in China’s casinos, so don’t feel compelled to leave more than a 10% tip for the dealers.

The Caribbean

Despite the region’s reputation for beautiful beaches and clear water, the Caribbean also has numerous casinos. Service providers should be tipped in Aruba, Dominican Republic, the Canary Islands, and Puerto Rico.

You have the discretion to determine the amounts of your tips. In most service industries, including restaurants, bars, and casinos, servers and other workers earn less than you might think, so any gratuities you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

Who Should & Shouldn’t You Tip?

Next, you need to figure out who to tip in the gambling industry. The following are some examples of appropriate tipping figures:

  1. Bartenders
  2. Staff at a poker table
  3. Valets
  4. Chip runners
  5. Dealers at the table
  6. Attendants in slots
  7. Cocktail waitstaff
  8. Pit managers

Traditionally, you tip a cashier at least A$1.00 each time they give you change. It’s customary to provide a 5% gratuity after a victory. If an attendant helps you with your game, they deserve at least a dollar in tip money.

Keep in mind that you should only tip the staff members who directly assisted you that evening. During a typical night at a casino, players rarely leave tips for the pit managers. Nevertheless, you may do it as well if nature calls.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to tip in a casino, it’s a good idea to find out if it’s permissible there and how the employees are compensated.

Methods of Tipping Your Dealer

As a player, you have several options for showing appreciation by giving a tip based on the good service received. As an example, a good tip for a live dealer is A$5.00 for each game.

Dealers usually receive tips after each session, but you can keep them until they leave the table. Additionally, you should tip more if you intend to wager at a high-stakes table.

As a rule, refrain from tipping dealers with the chips when gambling. Many casino owners frown upon dealers getting chips because the casinos rely on the revenue generated by the chips themselves. You can designate a stack of chips by simply placing them outside your staking zone.

Some players believe that there should be a minimum 1-5% tip for every round you win. Tipping increases as your winnings from consecutive pots accumulate. It is unnecessary to leave a gratuity if you are just able to obtain the blinds.

Additional Tipping Techniques

In addition to cash, there are other options for rewarding the dealer. One strategy involves betting on the dealer’s behalf. You can accomplish this in a blackjack game by either adding a dealer chip on top of your stake or a chip halfway in and out of the wagering circle in front of your bet. This way, a dealer can pocket the wager and any connected payouts.

It is possible to wager on the game’s outcome for the dealers at crap and roulette tables. Bets can be placed wherever on the table, but special attention needed to ensure that the intended recipient of the wager understands that those are for them. The dealer’s chip is usually placed atop your own, and your bet is slightly offset.

In craps, players can place bets in two different directions. Therefore, any money from your wager is shared equally between you and the dealer. Players can “pass line” for the dealer, in which case they will not share any winnings with the house.

Both the writer and the runner are usually tipped in Keno using one of these two methods. Due to the game’s low probability of winning, jackpots cannot be split, yet if you’ve got the winning ticket, you should tip both writer and runner about five percent of your earnings.

Besides usual tipping etiquette principles, some players don’t tip at all. The part of gambling normal it is, so if you’re not satisfied with a dealer, just don’t thank them after the game is over.


At present, you know a handful of the casino tipping culture for various countries around the globe. Are you travelling to a casino in a different country? Familiarise yourself with the local customs and practise before you go and gamble!

Tipping is not a must-have in any circumstance, and the decision to do so lies solely and entirely with the customer. But anyway, a few dollars, a smile, and some compassion will go a long way with the service staff, who do their best to ensure your casino experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick April 10, 2023 11:07
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