VIP and loyalty programs: Maximising casino bonus benefits

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 16, 2023 10:41

All of the top online casinos offer all sorts of bonuses and promotions to attract and keep their players. There is no doubt that many of these bonuses can look incredible, with big numbers being thrown around. However, the savviest players know that VIP and loyalty programs are where the real value lies – and where you can get the best online casino bonuses.

These programs basically reward players for their loyalty… and they can offer some seriously exceptional and very generous benefits. Here, we’ll look at how you can maximise the advantages of VIP and loyalty programs at online casinos.

Understanding VIP and loyalty programs

VIP and loyalty programs are designed to encourage players to keep spending money and playing games at their casino. These programs are usually played out over multiple levels, and as you play, you will progress from lower to higher levels based on how much time and money you spend on the site. As you move up the levels, the rewards and benefits keep getting bigger and better.

The main benefits of VIP and loyalty programs

As you work your way up those levels, here are some of the main benefits and perks you are likely to come across…

  • Even Better Bonuses: VIP players often get exclusive bonuses that are bigger, better and come with more generous terms. They usually offer larger deposit bonuses, lower wagering requirements – and special promotions based on what games you like playing the most, tailored to your preferences.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager: Those players who reach the highest levels are often given their own personal account managers who are always on hand to help them and see to their needs.
  • Faster Withdrawals: VIPs often benefit from faster withdrawal processes, so they can get quicker access to their winnings.
  • Exclusive Events: Most casinos offer their VIP players invitations to exclusive events, tournaments, or even holidays.
  • Cashback Rewards: VIPs will often receive cashback on their losses, so if they do go through a losing streak, they don’t lose out completely. 
  • Higher Betting Limits: High-spending players can also access tables and games with higher betting limits, so they can play bigger bets. They are also often given higher withdrawal limits to go with it.
  • Customised Rewards: For the really high spenders, casinos even tailor special rewards to a player’s preferences, so they get bonuses and kickbacks based on what games they prefer playing.

Top tips for maximising your VIP and loyalty benefits

If you are considering joining up with a VIP or Loyalty program, then here are some of our top tips to help you make the most of it…

  1. Choose the Right Casino: Make sure you choose an online casino that has a loyalty program that aligns with your gaming style. Look for things such as level progression, along with the types of rewards and benefits.
  2. Stay Active: If you want to climb the loyalty program ladder, make sure you play regularly. 
  3. Read the Fine Print: Be sure you carefully read through the terms and conditions of the loyalty program. 
  4. Contact Support: If you think that you qualify for the VIP program – or a higher tier but haven’t been promoted, you can contact customer support to help you out.
  5. Be Loyal: The name says it all… try to stick to one or just a few online casinos to maximise your loyalty rewards. If you play across too many casinos, it may slow your progress down.
  6. Redeem Your Rewards Wisely: Use your rewards strategically. Carefully consider when to claim your bonuses or take part in promotions to maximise their value.
  7. Monitor Your Progress: Make sure you keep checking on your status within the loyalty program  – and look out for upcoming promotions and events on your tier.

How to become a VIP

Earning VIP status will usually require you to collect loyalty points or meet specific requirements. Sometimes you’ll be added automatically to the program when you register – and others will require you to get a personalised invitation.

As you climb through the levels, the perks will become ever more attractive.

However, it’s important to remember that maintaining your VIP status will usually require consistent wagering and the need to adhere to specific criteria. To stay on the same level, you may need to meet monthly or yearly wagering amounts. If you stop spending as much time and money, you could be dropped to a lower level. 

How to assess the VIP programs

Before deciding whether or not you want to join a casino’s VIP program, you need to assess its offerings and terms. Some of the factors you should consider include

  • Tier Structure: The number of levels and the criteria you need to climb the ladder.
  • Loyalty Points: How points are earned and redeemed.
  • Rewards: The quality and quantity of benefits you get as you climb the levels.
  • Wagering Requirements: How easy or hard it is to maintain your status.
  • Support: Will you get a dedicated account manager or special support channel?

Ultimately, VIP and loyalty programs can massively enhance your online casino experience – especially if you spend a lot of time and money at the site. By choosing the right casino and loyalty scheme, you can enjoy all sorts of top benefits. VIP status isn’t just a title…  it’s a chance to take your whole experience to the very next level.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 16, 2023 10:41
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