The average UK golf club generated £164k in green fee income in 2023

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir January 9, 2024 13:39

New research of nearly 200 golf clubs has found that the average club in the UK and Ireland generated £163,952 in casual green fee income in 2023 – eight percent higher than the previous record year of 2022.

The Revenue Club states this was made up of 65 percent online bookings and 35 percent from phone bookings and walk-in sales.

It adds that the growth was driven by the opening up of additional course capacity, partly caused by a slight drop in member play in the early part of 2023.

Demand for green fees was very strong even in the summer months, which were dominated by poor weather, it reports.

The average green fee reached its highest annual level of £26.80 per person and there was a slight drop in the average group size to 2.16.

The average club also had 15,438 users shopping on their online tee sheets in 2023, which is seven percent up on the previous year.

Rob Corcoran, director at The Revenue Club, said: “The outlook for 2024 is very encouraging as green fee revenue growth has progressed steadily through the year with increases of 17 and 33 percent in November and December respectively, despite the poor weather. Supported by the uplift in demand and the gradual rise in prices, proactive operators can look forward to a fifth consecutive year of growth in this area of their business.

“Continued focus on online sales and rapidly developing digital marketing channels will once again be the key to realising this potential by adapting to the playing and working patterns of UK and Irish golfers.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir January 9, 2024 13:39
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  1. Scampi January 14, 17:34

    Sadly Hythe (Kent) Golf club will be closing due to redevelopment! Please write and object to Folkestone Council. We need your help.

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  2. Golf retail January 11, 11:33

    This is fantastic news, especially considering the wet second half of the year

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  3. Get Golfing January 10, 11:42

    Amazing to see that golf is on the up – but we could have definitely told you that ourselves 🙂

    In July alone, 6 of our sites did 50% or more of this annual average casual green fee revenue – JUST IN JULY

    It’s insane for us to see how many golfers come and enjoy our venues week in week out and full credit to our fantastic teams for still managing to provide such an exceptional service

    **Remember that every penny we earn is reinvested into our golf courses, our clubhouse facilities and our staff.**

    Just 5 years into the journey – there’s lots more to come. Find out exactly how we are changing the game here –

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  4. GCMA January 10, 11:02

    And that’s despite the westest July – October I can ever remember. ⛳️⛳️

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  5. Lahinch January 9, 18:14

    Nice work Chris Knight & team

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  6. Golf sales January 9, 18:00

    Golfers liking to play around

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  7. The UK’s Number One Residential Golf School January 9, 17:49

    Surround yourself with supportive and positive individuals. Nurture meaningful connections that contribute to your personal and emotional well-being.

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  8. GrahamD January 9, 17:42

    I hope each profiting club has made good use if their new found wealth.

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