GPS-guided sprayers reduce the risk of human error

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 9, 2024 10:01

Accurate spraying saves money. Golf course managers are always looking for products and equipment that can help them improve playing conditions, conserve resources and save money and that’s where Smithco can help.

GPS-guided sprayers have been around for some time now, but Smithco have consistently been in the forefront. Not only does a GPS-guided sprayer improve the quality of applications, it also helps to save money over the longer term.  While the initial investment can be significant, course managers will usually see a return over a three- to five- year timeframe, through savings in products and labour.

GPS-guided sprayers are a significant development because they greatly reduce the risk of human error during spray applications. Even the most skilled sprayer techs can miss an area or inadvertently overlap their coverage. These mistakes waste product and time and have the potential to cause serious turf problems. Smithco sprayers eliminate these issues because each individual nozzle is controlled by a computer that confines applications to desired areas and prevents overlaps or under-spraying.

Smithco’s technology allows areas to be mapped by driving around a perimeter or during the actual spraying process. Once an application is entered into the system it can be repeated with great precision, making it possible to perform all applications with more accuracy and efficiency. Using GPS technology also allows an operator to stop and resume an application in exactly the same spot. It also keeps track of how much product is needed to complete an application, helping to save time and reduce waste.

When it comes to accuracy, precision and productivity in application, Smithco sprayers are simply the best in the business. They deliver maximum capacity spray applications; saving time and money on the course and fewer trips back and forth to the maintenance facility means more work gets done in less time.

This is a result of a long-term partnership with TeeJet Technologies and their Dyna-Jet pulse-width modulation advanced rate control and dual nozzle system. This provides the ultimate control over spraying speed, pressure and droplet size. Spraying is consistent across any area regardless of terrain, shape or size of the surface area.

Smithco incorporate these control options into two specific systems are designated Star Command 1 and Star Command 2.

Star Command 1 features TeeJet Radion Rate Controller, Radion with Dyna-Jet Pulse Width Modulation which controls sections of the boom and allows automatic tip control with independent control of application rate, ground speed and pressure.

Star Command 2 with TeeJet’s Matrix 908 provides consistently less than 50 mm (2”) corrections, turn compensation, individual nozzle control and features industry-leading 250 mm (10”) nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than  competitors.

Both systems feature drift control, which allows the spray tech to select the droplet size on the fly.

Droplet sizes range from fine, medium, course, and very course and can differ between applications. If required, a larger droplet size can be specified to control the drift and still maintain the correct rate.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 9, 2024 10:01
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  1. Truck May 16, 15:00

    Robot grass cutters offer similar benefits to clubs in allowing staff to work on other maintenance projects on the course. The mowers are substantially cheaper and lighter so can operate in wetter / softer ground conditions.

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  2. vbet May 9, 10:30

    Seamus Rotherick’s article highlights the impressive benefits of GPS-guided sprayers for golf course management. Smithco’s advanced technology not only enhances precision but also reduces costs by minimizing human error and product waste. It’s fascinating how such innovations are refining the way large areas are managed and maintained.

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