Another golf club urges lockdown walkers to show some ‘respect’

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 5, 2021 07:24

Another private golf club that has allowed walkers to use its land during the lockdown has urged, particularly some dog owners, to show some respect for the venue.

Ely City Golf Club in Cambridgeshire has opened throughout all three coronavirus lockdowns to provide a free open green space for peoples’ daily exercise and to boost their mental health.

However, the club is now pleading with walkers to “help protect it against further damage”. It has also reported that some people have not been following footpaths.

Ely City Golf Club. Image from Facebook

A club spokesperson said: “We have been pleased to have provided the public with a green space to enjoy their daily exercise during all three lockdowns.

“However, due to not staying on the public footpath we now have to regrettably ask the public to respect our private land and to help protect it against further damage.”

The club has shared a map image on social media with a clear highlighted blue line showing locals the map of the footpath.

It is also asking dog walkers to make sure they’re “cleaning up after your dogs please”, should they want the club to continue opening.

Last month Hesketh Golf Club in Merseyside ended its policy of allowing people to use the course due to the mess created, especially dog fouling. Damage to bunkers had also been reported.

South Shields Golf Club in Tyne and Wear has made a similar move. It has announced on Facebook: ‘During the last lockdown and the current lockdown we have taken a very much community view to let walkers and dog walkers use the course unrestricted for their daily exercise plus the occasional skier and sledger. However as we now begin to prepare for the re-opening of golf, we need to ask walkers to refrain from walking across the course and to stick to the public footpath.

‘The course is in fact private property and anyone deviating from the public footpath is in fact trespassing, there is no right to roam. Please continue to respect the 128 year old golf course but please start to stay on the footpath. As we begin to bring out the heavy machinery to complete the essential maintenance work and begin spraying the course.’


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 5, 2021 07:24
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  1. Peter March 5, 15:58

    Engagement, education, communication and awareness are the only way, to make these arrangements work !! Gaining respect means giving respect !! One reason community involvement is so important !! We often forget too, the simpler things, more signage helps !! Non-golfers don’t know where to go and where to tred lightly !!

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