Understanding live golf betting – tips to help you bet better

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick April 12, 2022 11:39

As the online betting industry continues to thrive, sports events are getting more attention than ever due to the increased demand for wagering, and golf is no exception. Golf has a large fanbase in all corners of the world, and with the new trend of live betting, it is also attracting new punters. That is why we prepared this short guide that will help you understand the basics of live golf betting and the key tips that can improve your stats.

The popularity of golf

Golf is one of the most loved sports in the world, and the ultimate summer hobby enjoyed by around 66 million people around the world. In 2019, 441 million rounds were played in the United States alone, and other countries are crazy about it. Ireland, for example, is home to 400 golf clubs, and some of them are world-famous. Given the fact that golf’s style of play fits in with the rules of social distancing, the sport’s popularity has only increased since the beginning of the pandemic.

How to choose a reputable bookmaker

Punters looking to bet on golf tournaments can choose from a wide variety of options, but not every platform will offer the same quality of service and user experience. That is why the players need to do thorough research before they actually deposit their money with any of the platforms. Luckily, there are lots of online review sites that list reputable bookmakers and compare them based on different criteria. You can easily find various sites that offer insights into famous tournaments, golf courses and golf betting sites in Ireland that guarantee safety, tips and learning. Irish people love watching golf, actually, and adore betting, too, so they combined the best of the two worlds. There are websites like that for almost every country in the world, helping passionate golf fans find the best bookmakers where they can test their knowledge and try their luck through wagering. 

Top live golf betting tips

Before you place your first bet, here are some useful tips that can help improve your odds:

Know the stats

Most successful punters win because they did proper research. When considering the odds on a golf game wager, you should know the suitability to condition, the recent form and the course form, as well as the scrambling percentage. The golfer’s recent form as well as their form on a particular course will help you understand where the player is at, but the data will be even more beneficial if you use it to compare and analyse how groups of players would perform against each other. As for the suitability to conditions, it can help you identify the players who do better in warmer temperatures, in longer games, and so on. Finally, the scrambling percentage will tell you about the resilience of a single player and their ability to succeed in spite of missing the greens. Staying on top of all the key stats will give you a good basis for making smart bets that are more likely to win. 

Betting on tournament winners

One of the most effective live betting strategies is actually betting on the winner of the tournament. Even though the odds will keep changing throughout the event, you can monitor the changes and use them to your advantage. For instance, if you pick Dustin Johnson as your favourite, and you see that his starting odds are +800, the payout might be too small to risk the money. However, if his position changes after the first round and he ends up trailing the leaders by three shots, the betting sire might offer a +2000 on him winning. That is when putting money on Johnson’s win may be a good call that leads to a high payout. Most operators also offer live odds for certain players to end up in the top 5, 10, or even 20.

Hedging the future wagers

After the beginning of the golf event, sportsbooks will keep updating the odds of different golfers winning the tournament. If there are a few players that you placed pre-tournament bets on, this is a great opportunity to hedge with the other players who are near the top of the leaderboard. For example, if you are a fan of the PGA Tour, you must know about its last tournament known as the Tour Championship when the top 30 golfers go on to finalise the year-long race for the FedEx Cup. Since during the final event, there are only 30 players in the field, the live odds are constantly changing, and that is the perfect time to pay close attention to the scores and place a second wager against the initial one. 

Live betting on golf events can be extremely entertaining, and now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can start placing exciting wagers with better odds of winning. 


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick April 12, 2022 11:39
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