Historic London course to close in June

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 21, 2024 12:55

Another London council is to close down a municipal golf course.

The nearly 100-year-old Perivale Park Golf Course will be closed by Ealing Council this summer.

The nine-hole course is well-used, particularly by elderly golfers, and rounds are relatively inexpensive.

The course will be converted into a park as part of the council’s commitment to create 10 new parks in the borough after it said a public consultation showed that almost two thirds of residents supported the move.

Nearly five in six respondents stated that they either did not play golf at all or had never played golf at Perivale Park Golf Course.

The council says it will close Perivale Park Golf Course in June with the new park opening to the public at the same time.

Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council said: “The transformation of Perivale Golf Course into a new park that could eventually become part of a regional park will realise a historic ambition for Ealing Council.

“The Elizabeth II Park has transformed east London and a park of this size has the potential to have a similar positive effect on the borough and west London too.”
Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, said: “Almost two thirds of residents have backed our plan to open this new park in Perivale, which will be the second of the 10 new parks we promised to deliver, and we hope will eventually form part of the regional park.

“We’ve already got plans to plant wildflower meadows and install benches, paths and new signage in the park but we’re looking forward to designing the final layout in partnership with local people – including agreeing a new name.

“As part of our plan to eventually integrate this new park into the regional park, we could see areas of forest, wetlands and new habitats for wildlife created in the future. We also want to explore the potential to continue to provide a cafe as we know that’s something residents would like to see in a regional park.”

Several people have taken to the internet to criticise the decision, however.

One person wrote: “An absolutely appalling decision by Ealing Council. They have betrayed every working class principal that the Labour Party stands for. Totally disgusting.”

Several municipal golf courses in south-east England have closed since the start of this century, as councils have had to deal with the pressures of housing shortages and often budget deficits. For example, Enfield Council closed Whitewebbs Park Golf Course in 2021, while Lewisham Council closed Beckenham Place Park in 2016.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 21, 2024 12:55
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  1. Dors April 2, 19:07

    First step for a corrupt Councillor to turn it into a Housing Estate

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  2. JS March 31, 16:03

    Municipal golf courses in London are doomed as they try to compete now with the 200 plus Private Courses within the M25 most of which effectively operate as Public Golf Courses enjoying VAT concessions that commercial operators don’t. Councils should turn them into residential properties which are in short supply. Or Parks if they dont need the money ….

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  3. Tabs March 31, 16:01

    Unfortunately that’s seems the way of local government who pander to algorithms and woke culture :
    One answer would be to use the facilities for local schools who knows . They may encourage a new generation of young people to explore the game and to gain insight into a new sport . Alas it seems only private education gives that support .

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  4. Sloanie March 30, 20:10

    It’s like saying that five out of six residents don’t play on the football field so we can turn those over to parks too. What happened to councils bringing the sport to the less well off? Unbelievable.

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  5. Davey Cunningham March 28, 20:26

    This is very sad This was my first course that I learnt to play the game on, the members are all very friendly and it’s ideal for our elderly players as it’s nice and flat, it’s a shame all that will happen is that it’ll be another place for people to drink & smoke without hassle

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    • Brit Abroad April 1, 08:31

      Could not agree more Davey Cunningham – and attract groups of loiterers many of whom will undoubtedly have less than honourable intentions. As a person in their 60’s it is sad to see how little the more mature in society are considered! Perhaps the Council should consider engaging appropriate people to help young people off their devices and into the fresh air on a golf course.

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  6. Ashers March 28, 13:17

    So 1 in 6 residents had never played golf at Perivale GC; and almost two thirds of residents have backed our plan to change the course into a regional park. Apply these criteria to any municipal course across the country and we may as well close the lot!!

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    • Lenny March 30, 11:18

      Well said. What about diversity of interests? Golf is seen as an elitist sport but closing local municipal courses will only help to make that a reality. I learnt on a council pitch and putt in Dagenham. Not much elitism round there I can tell you.

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    • Rob March 31, 11:43

      I expect the vast majority of residents wont use the new park either

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    • Nature Friedly golf April 1, 13:40

      Eaxctly my sentiments. People can cross Golf courses with a network of paths. And courses can plant more nature friendly plants. Golfesr and the public can benfit.

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    • Steve April 1, 17:26

      Absolutely true. Many of us started playing golf at the local municipal course, so where will young aspiring players go? Sure golf has an elitist “aura” but the reality is it is a small percentage of members. Is there no way that Perivale could have been a multi use area benefiting a larger proportion of the community.

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