How many members are shopping at your club?

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 16, 2024 10:59

Charlie Hartley, Business Development Consultant at Foremost Golf, discusses the percentage of club members that are spending their time and money at their golf club’s professional shop and outlines some solutions that can be put in place to prevent members looking elsewhere.

Foremost conducted a customer survey in late 2023 on behalf of its member retailers and received over 42,000 responses. The headline statistic was that 59 percent of club members buy most of their golf equipment from their professional shop. This article will highlight the opportunities golf clubs have to ensure they deliver a first-class retail proposition to their members and customers.

Effective marketing allows the pro shop to demonstrate its point of difference

The evidence gathered from the survey demonstrates that despite other retail options, customers remain loyal to their Foremost Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) member professionals when it comes to purchasing golf equipment. One reason for the unprecedented customer retention seen amongst Foremost members is the successful marketing of their retail and pro services across all available channels. Golf clubs must make sure that their customers are aware of the full range of services on offer, which can be done regularly and consistently through professional digital marketing. The Foremost EMP provides multiple benefits for the golf professional team, utilising personalised websites, weekly newsletters, social media and instore screens. This omnichannel approach increases the members overall awareness of product launches, club news and course updates.

Communication with members and visitors starts from the moment they arrive. Clear signage can be traced along the journey from the car park to the golf club itself. There should be clear directions to the pro shop for golfers; it is also important to identify any places where further signs could be added to reinforce product offerings, services, and value.

Prioritise digital marketing for effective communication

Misconception of price

In the aforementioned Foremost survey, 41 percent of respondents said they bought the majority of their golf equipment from sources other than their pro shop. More than 50 percent of these respondents mentioned price as the reason for purchasing elsewhere.

There are two solutions to counteract the assumption that pro shops are more expensive than shopping online. Firstly, considering a ‘Price Match Promise’ has a positive impact on sales and reduces the likelihood of customers shopping elsewhere. Foremost Golf members can benefit from an optional free in-store pack and digital support through newsletters, digital signage, and social media posts that advertise their commitment to matching price.

Secondly, tackling the price misconception through effective ticketing, which will in turn drive sales. A clear ticketing solution throughout the pro shop and golf club showcases your value and advertising your competitive prices helps to improve the overall knowledge and experience of golf club members, while dispelling concerns that they are missing out on a better price elsewhere.


Having to sign for delivery for larger purchases can be a frustrating experience for online shoppers, another reason why click-and-collect purchases have become increasingly popular. Returning a set of irons or a faulty electric trolley to an online retailer can be complicated and most online retailers will also charge for returns. With your club pro shop, you can simply drop the product back at the place of purchase. The experience is made much easier if shoppers know their club pro shop will streamline the returns process. There is nothing more convenient than returning your golf equipment from the golf club where you play regularly.

Tackling the misconception of price

There are several factors that can cause a golfer to feel disconnected from their club, not least the inclement weather throughout the winter months. Golfers may reconsider renewing their membership if they fail to set foot in their golf club for several months of the year.

Golf club managers can aim to implement a vision for golf clubs where they strive to keep the connection with their members. The Foremost EMP services and regular digital communications are essential to support this agenda, reminding club members of everything going on at their golf club, including updates on: pro shop services, the golf course, relevant membership news and other important events. By focusing on keeping the connection during the off-season with your members, they will be eager to stay involved with the club and will subsequently encourage their golfing companions to come and visit, increasing traffic in the pro shop and golf club.

For further information on how Foremost Golf can assist you and your business in 2024 simply email or call 01753 218890

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 16, 2024 10:59
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  1. Truck May 23, 10:10

    I spend little in my club pro shop, prices are typically too much when things listed at full price, clubs wise there is little selection of stock only a couple of brands are carried.
    Other clubs locally are part of a buying group, and one club has pricing that matches the internet so why go elsewhere, I use this shop and the pro for my lessons, and know that when I upgrade my clubs I’ll get a fitting good for me.

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